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As real as it gets? Rampage Jackson challenges Nick Diaz to a fight for trying to steal his date

A few weeks ago, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson took to social media to post a video showing Nick Diaz stealing his date from right under his nose.

See it play out right here.

The authenticity of the drama, however, came into question as it simply seemed both combatants were having some fun, as it’s been documented that Jackson once did the same to a much younger Diaz back in the day.

But during a recent encounter with TMZ Sports, Jackson gave off the impression that the rivalry is indeed very real, and even challenged the Stockton slugger to a fight.

“Nick Diaz needs to step up to my weight class. That’s all I got to say. Back when MMA first started, there were no weight classes. Nick Diaz, he a warrior just like me. That’s all I got to say, he has to step up to my weight class. He disrespected me in Vegas. We both was drinking, which was good, you in Vegas, you having fun. Nick Diaz, you know you disrespected me and you was out of order motherfucker. He tried to punk me man, It ain’t cool. Come to my weight class.”

Alrighty then?

Whether or not this is all stage or actually authentic is up for debate. So while we’re trying to figure that out, how would a potential scrap between these two brawlers play out in your mind?

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