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UFC 217’s T.J. Dillashaw to start own MMA squad after Muscle Pharm, Elevation Fight Team disbanded

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Dillashaw vs Cruz Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Dillashaw made constant headlines with his much-publicized fallout with former training camp -- Team Alpha Male — after he opted to leave his longtime team and move to Colorado to join Elevation Fight Team -- as well as Duane Ludwig — as part of his connection with Muscle Pharm.

The rivalry with his former training partners further intensified after he and Cody Garbrandt coached The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), which eventually saw them get physical on multiple occasions.

After Dillashaw was spotted training out in California at another gym recently, Garbrandt seized the opportunity to compare him to a “prostitute working a corner,” going from gym to gym. To hear T.J. tell it, he’s constant bouncing around is due to broadening his horizons. However, during a recent media conference call, “Viper” revealed there was more to it.

“Muscle Pharm decided to move their facilities from Colorado to Burbank which kind of disbanded the team a little bit. So I have decided to create my own team,” he said. “It’s something to create and call your own, as well as Duane has been traveling to California. It’s been the same work and adding to it, creating our own family, our own team,” added the former Bantamweight champion.

To be clear Elevation Fight Team in Colorado is still up and running, they simply moved out of the Muscle Pharm facilities in anticipation of the company’s move to California.

Indeed, now on his third fight team, Dillashaw seemed to have a good thing going at TAM before the move. As far as having regrets for leaving the famed camp, Dillashaw says he has no regrets.

“It all lead to this fight, as he said me and him are the real main event of this card. 70-percent of the fans want to see this fight more than any other on the card. It all led up to this for a reason, it’s building our names,” said T.J. }It’s definitely not how I foresaw it going down, but, it all worked out for reasons it did and I am just going to make the most of it.”

Garbrandt, though, has a different opinion, saying his former training partner does regret leaving the team, but is just too proud to admit it.

“Yes, he regrets it everyday of his life but his ego won’t let him admit to that. Let’s be honest. T.J.,” said Cody in rebuttal to Dillashaw’s comment.

Nevertheless, the two heavy-hitting bantamweight’s will let their talking rest for a bit, as they are set to duke it out in the center of the octagon in the co-main event of UFC 217 on No. 4, 2017 in new York City.

Or is it the real main event?

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