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Georges St-Pierre’s mentor claims he’s not ready for Michael Bisping at UFC 217 - ‘His eyes do not tell me anything good’

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We are just one week away from the return of Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217 on Nov. 4 live on pay-per-view (PPV) from inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, N.Y., as the former UFC welterweight king takes on current middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

While most people figured GSP would one day return to the Octagon after calling it quits nearly four years ago, few imagined the Canadian superstar coming back and competing at 185 pounds. After all, St-Pierre dominated the welterweight division during his prime and would now encounter a completely new set of contenders, including current champion Tyron Woodley.

Regardless of what GSP should have done, the 36-year-old has decided to pack on extra muscle and journey up to 185 pounds to take on a fairly big middleweight in “The Count.” It’s a decision that has many in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community confused, especially St-Pierre’s long-time mentor Kristof Midoux.

“I do not agree with this return and I do not know who managed to convince him,” Midoux recently told UFC veteran Patrick Cote on the Uppercut Podcast (translated from French via Le Journal de Montréal). “I do not see the objective surrounding this fight.”

“Moreover, when I see George’s eyes, they do not tell me anything good,” Midoux added. “During his face-to-face [with Bisping] in Las Vegas, I would have liked him to give a slap to Bisping to show him what was waiting for him on November 4th. The guys who have their hands in their pockets like George did, they do not feel like fighting. You have to have the urge and the rage to do it. “

Interesting to say the least. People who are closer to GSP probably have a better grasp as to why the former UFC king is deciding to come back at this point in time and in this fashion, so it’s fascinating to hear their side.

“I think he needs help and I think the people around him are hiding things from him,” Midoux said. “I witnessed his sparring and I did not see what I wanted to see from him.”

If Midoux is telling the truth and not trying to throw Bisping off with his negative feedback, then St-Pierre may be in trouble at UFC 217. Bisping is one of the more offensive champions in the sport today, so going against him at less than 100 percent, both mentally and preparation wise, could spell immediate disaster.

That said, GSP has always prepared for his fights to the best of his ability. And since he’s moving up in weight to fight for the middleweight title in his first fight in four years, you better believe he took the time to properly think it through. At least he should have.

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