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Cody Garbrandt wants 'Mighty Mouse' title fight after beating TJ Dillashaw at UFC 217

Garbrandt already knows who he wants to fight after defending his bantamweight belt on November 4th.

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Cody Garbrandt became the UFC bantamweight champ less than a year ago off an impressive win over Dominick Cruz, but he already thinks he's on the cusp of cleaning out the division. He takes on former teammate TJ Dillashaw at UFC 217 on November 4th, and if he wins that he wants to move down a weightclass immediately to fight for the flyweight belt.

"With a knockout over TJ I have wiped out the division," Garbrandt said on a UFC 217 media conference call. "There is a big gap between myself, then Dominick, and then TJ, then it falls off from there.”

“TJ is my next adversary, my next challenge. I know what he brings to the table and I am focused and prepared to wipe him out and then go on from there. I always like to have a fight planned ahead and obviously I’m focused on TJ, but ‘Mighty Mouse’ is next at 125 pounds."

We have our doubts that the UFC would agree with Gardbrandt's assessment of the bantamweight contender situation, but who knows? Dana White recently voiced his opinion that Cody could be the UFC's next superstar. If he pulls off a highlight reel performance against TJ the same way he did against Dominick Cruz, maybe they will let him challenge Demetrious Johnson for a second title.

It just sound a bit outside the UFC's normal behavior. Typically they don't let their champs jump into new divisions unless they've defended their belts several times. In this case Cody is pushing for a chance to hold two belts simultaneously before he’s successfully defended his title once. Who does he think he is, Conor McGregor?

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