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Ian McCall is looking forward to stomping Manel Kape’s head in during Rizin World Grand Prix

The former UFC flyweight contender plans to punish Kape for all the trash talk when they fight on December 29th in Japan.

Ian McCall

It didn't take long for Ian McCall to find more work after securing his release from the UFC. The flyweight contender is set to move up to bantamweight for the Rizin World Grand Prix in Japan on December 29th where he'll take on Manel Kape.

Kape is hoping to earn the biggest win of his career against McCall, and got started with head games during a Rizin press conference and took things onto social media soon after.

McCall went on MMA Junkie Radio and laughed off a lot of Kape's brinkmanship.

“If you’re going to talk s**t to me, at least make it in English so I can understand,” McCall joked. “Next time, at least try and kiss me or something, because that was weird and awkward. Even if you did knock me out, there’s no way you’d be able to f**k my girlfriend. She’s really hot, and you’re a slob. So you need to f**king relax.”

“I understand you’re 7-1, but let’s focus back on the fact that I think all but two or three guys have losing records, and even guys who have winning records are like 10-9 or 7-5,” McCall continued. “They’re dogs**t. I can’t wait to teach this kid a lesson. I can stomp on his head, I can do some really f**ked up s**t to him. It’s going to be really fun.”

If McCall beats Kape, he'll compete in the Rizin bantamweight tournament finals a few days later on December 31st. All said and done, McCall said he was looking at upwards of $200,000 if he manages to win the whole thing. Not too bad for a guy who just walked away from way less money in the UFC.

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