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Jesse Taylor believes he’s the latest fighter to fail a drug test over tainted dick pills

TUF 25 winner Taylor explains why he decided against contesting his 1 year USADA suspension.

Esther Lin

Jesse Taylor's career has gone back and forth between inspiring and tragic so many times fans may begin to develop whiplash just following it. Taylor was infamously kicked off of The Ultimate Fighter 7 finals after going on a drunken bender across the Las Vegas strip. Years later, he went on to win The Ultimate Fighter 25 ... only to fail a USADA drug test for the estrogen blocker clomiphene.

Now Taylor will spend the next year on the sidelines, and according to him it's because of some tainted supplements and the expensive nature of USADA appeals, which he said would have cost him upwards of $40,000 to go through.

“I’m not testing these supplements before I’m taking them,” Taylor said on The MMA Hour. “It’s crazy. It’s a hard thing to fight, let’s just say that. And if I fight it, I’m out almost as long and out some money. So, you’re kind of stuck in a rock and a hard spot on this thing.”

Taylor believes the most likely culprit was a sexual enhancement pill given to him by a holistic doctor, which seems like a pretty safe bet given how sketchy that situation sounds on its face. We'd ask why Taylor was taking something like that in the age of USADA, but this is a guy who peed his pants on The Ultimate Fighter so judgement calls are obviously not his strong suit. Not to single him out too harshly, though: he's in pretty good company alongside Jon Jones and Anderson Silva with this excuse.

“Long story short, we kind of have an idea of who it is, I just don’t want to throw this guy’s name under the bus, because it’s not guaranteed,” Taylor continued. “I never tested the supplements and all that. I never took knowingly any clomiphene, anti-estrogen or anything of that nature.”

Fortunately, it doesn't sound like this is a massive burned bridge situation between Taylor and the UFC. Once he serves out his one year suspension, he'll hopefully be able to build on the inspirational turnaround we witnessed in The Ultimate Fighter 25.

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