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Georges St-Pierre: Michael Bisping is terrified of me wrestling him

GSP smells fear behind the bluster of Michael Bisping coming into their fight at UFC 217 on November 4th.

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After months and months, the Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre fight is finally upon us. UFC 217 goes down on November 4th from Madison Square Garden, and St-Pierre will be giving up a lot of size as he tries to take Bisping's middleweight title. Michael Bisping hasn't missed an opportunity to trash the former welterweight champ, but according to GSP on the MMA Hour, nothing Michael is saying bothers him at all.

"He sings always the same song," St-Pierre said. "He's terrified of me wrestling him. Terrified. And every interview he does he's begging me to stand and bang with him. If you don't know ground, you shouldn't be in MMA. You should be a kickboxer. It's fighting on the ground, it's part of the game. So he's terrified, so he wants me to be like 'Oh I'm going to stand and bang with you' like I'm an idiot. I'm going to use all my tools, not only one tools that I have. But that's a mind game that he's trying to play."

St-Pierre sounded very happy with the way camp was going to prepare for the fight, and it sounds like he's regained some of the love and focus he may have been lacking just before he took a four year break from the sport.

"It's more fun, and the infrastructure of my life in general is much better than it was before," he said. "I mean, I train very hard, but it's more specific to what I need and less, there's a lot less distraction so it's a lot better. Mentally I'm in a much better place, there's no other place in the world that I wish to be than in the Octagon facing Michael Bisping."

The only thing that GSP took issue with in the leadup to the fight has been Bisping's habit of getting handsy during their face offs.

"I put my hand on him to push him away because he put his before, I don't want him to touch me," St-Pierre said. "And he can say whatever he wants, but when he's touching me I'm pushing him back. I'm not like, I'm not gonna let myself be laughed at. It's okay, he can talk as much as he wants but when he touch the person, he disrespects them. So I push him back, I don't want to hit him, but I don't want him to touch me or make fun of me like this.”

With more face offs to come in the final two weeks before the fight, we’d bet on at least one more physical spat between the two before they finally fight. It’s just another method Bisping is employing to try and get under GSP’s skin. Whether any of it worked shall be determined on November 4th.

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