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Former UFC fighter denies assaulting his sister, wants to know where you got your stupid ‘facts’

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Bermudez vs Jason Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Sister act 2.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight Rony Mariano Bezerra got pissed at his annoying sister and shoved her to the ground to let off some steam. And unless you have a photo suggesting otherwise, that’s NOT assault.

I guess the laws are different in Brazil.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, just ask Bezerra himself. “Jason” shot down all your stupid conspiracy theories surrounding this video, which appears to show him slugging her and screaming in her face.

MMA Fighting passes along the Brazilian’s Instagram defense:

"I didn’t assault my sister. Where’s the photo of the assault? There is no (photo) because there was no (assault). She came to attack me, ‘her history in the city’, I pushed her and she went down, I decided to get it off my chest because I’m the youngest son of the family and I support my two siblings who never worked, and her with two kids. I’m not and never was aggressive. I didn’t assault my sister and that didn’t even cross my mind, but constant dripping wears away the stone.”

Temper? What temper?

Bezerra (14-7, 1 NC) was released from the world’s largest mixed marital arts (MMA) promotion after going winless in his last four fights, one of which ended in a no contest after “Jason” flunked his drug test. Not surprisingly, he denied any wrongdoing there, as well.

Hard to imagine a guy who nicknames himself after a serial killer and walks to the cage in a hockey mask would be considered violent, but don’t listen to an unflushed turd like me when you can just Google it for yourself.

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