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Demetrious Johnson details how he would beat Brock Lesnar: ‘Liver kicks all day’ and then ‘choke him out’

After submitting Ray Borg in epic fashion earlier this month at UFC 216, reigning UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson is undoubtedly the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world today. Remember, “Mighty Mouse” now holds the UFC record for most consecutive title defenses (11).

As the P4P king, Johnson is often stacked up against some of the best fighters in the world. And even though the 31-year-old great may never fight outside of his 125-pound weight class again, it’s fun to imagine “Mighty Mouse” testing his skills against bigger martial artists.

While most fight fans are hoping that Johnson takes his talents north to the UFC bantamweight division and competes alongside the likes of Cody Garbrandt, Dominick Cruz, and T.J. Dillashaw, “Mighty Mouse” is entertaining all ideas. In fact, Johnson recently discussed how he would defeat current WWE superstar and former UFC champion Brock Lesnar if the two ever crossed paths in an unsanctioned universe.

“Obviously size is going to be a huge factor but his skill is nowhere near my level. So, I’m going to be blasting him in the liver. Liver kicks all day,” Johnson said during a recent interview with TMZ Sports (shown above). “Just blast kicks, blast kicks, blast kicks, and hopefully one of those liver shots puts him down man.”

Remember, Lesnar is susceptible to blows to the body. In 2011, Lesnar lost to Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 via first-round TKO after getting blasted in the stomach with a kick from hell. While Overeem weighs well over 100 pounds more than Johnson, the confident flyweight believes he could soften Lesnar up with liver kicks and then take his back for the finish.

“Well it’s a liver shot,” Johnson explained. “I mean, if you hit anybody in their liver, in the right spot or you hit them in the liver, they’re going to go down regardless. I mean the liver ceases and it just shuts the body down. Then I’d jump on Brock’s back and choke him out.”

In all reality, Lesnar would most likely snatch Johnson up like a sack of potatoes, throw him over his shoulder, and drop him on his head like he does to his WWE counterparts. Johnson may be the most skilled and complete fighter to ever step foot inside of the Octagon, but Lesnar is arguably the biggest, strongest, and most athletic mixed martial artist we’ve ever seen.

Until the rules and regulations of mixed martial arts (MMA) are dissolved and Johnson is able to fight Lesnar, combat fans will have to imagine how the ridiculous superfight would play out.

So, Maniacs, how would “Mighty Mouse” do against a heavyweight force like Lesnar?

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