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Renzo Gracie, part-time garbage man, sets NYC record during early-morning trash collection (Video)

Crime fighter to grime fighter.

Former PRIDE and UFC fighter, Renzo Gracie, is not ditching his career in combat sports to collect trash for the city of New York. He is, however, completing the 10 days of community service he earned for his part in a nightclub altercation back in 2014 (more on that silliness here).

From his official Instagram:

“Now this is how I collect the garbage on my beloved city doing community service on court’s order by the way, we just broke the record collecting 330bags in one morning shift from 7am to 10am After and ACL replacement I’m a Jiujitsu man before anything if I had to do it I will do it with all my heart and will and of course with a broad smile in my face and poetry in my heart. But the best part was after ten days doing this job, this amazing soul who is next to me in the vídeo came with a form saying that he could get me a job with them because they were needing people that work hard like me, he said it was 10 bucks an hour only but the benefits were great I couldn’t help but give my Trash man brother a big hug Every time I have a chance I drive by there to see them I always bring some ice cream with me I try to live Life as it has to be lived. Until today they don’t know who I am, nor what I do for a living they just accepted me as one of them. What I am really is Just one of them.”

10 bucks an hour collecting garbage is still more than UFC fighters make, according to this guy.

Gracie has been keeping busy since retiring from mixed martial arts (MMA). When he’s not bitch-slapping some dude with an airhorn, he’s training billionaire wrestling executives in the art of jiu-jitsu.

Charmed life.

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