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Jim Ross: It’s ‘guaranteed’ Conor McGregor earns a massive WWE paycheck some day

WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross believes Conor McGregor will pop up in wrestling sooner or later.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor may or may not be making a surprise appearance at WrestleMania next year, but as far as WWE announcer Jim Ross is concerned, a run in pro wrestling is inevitable.

Ross was on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and shared his predictions on McGregor's future.

“I know that he’s an amazing performer, and amazing talent," he said. “And I have a great respect for the UFC, everything they do, and him. There’s no way you can convince me will not earn a massive check from Vince McMahon some day in the future."

"It will not be a career deal, it will be a one-off special occasion, massive promotion. I would suggest maybe at a WrestleMania somewhere down the road. The attraction’s there, the marketing’s there, the money’s there. Why not make it happen? And so I think Conor is guaranteed for that, and I also think that Conor’s not done in the Octagon, either. I think that he’s a competitor. He likes to prove he’s the alpha male.”

McGregor revealed back in January that he had turned down offers from the WWE, which has only fueled much less substantial rumors that he'd appear at 2018's WrestleMania 34 on April 8th in New Orleans.

But if McGregor is going to do it, both the UFC and WWE are willing to say whatever it takes to keep his participation a secret. Dana White recently claimed to have texted Vince McMahon about the rumors, with Vince replying "News to me!"

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