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The MMA Outsiders Podcast Ep. 2, with Whitney Miller

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Welcome to the second episode of The MMA Outsiders. We had a special guest this episode, the brilliant and beautiful Whitney Miller. We chatted with her on a wide variety of topics, including Glory 46, how she came to work as a Glory interviewing reporter, the best Onnit products to try, the opportunity for introspection in the current political moment, the transition from beauty pageant to boxing ring, her approach to competition and life, and what is next for her.

We also spent half an hour discussing upcoming fights, GSP-Bisping drama, and the background to Nick Diaz “stealing” Rampage’s girl. The audio quality for the interview is... well... a work in progress. We are new to this. It will get better.

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⚔️⚔️ just a casual backyard kinda Saturday! #ninja #knife #knifethrowing

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Sometimes all you need on a Tuesday is a bikini and a surfboard ‍♀️ #austin #surf #lake

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