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Dana White says he’s just protecting Mark Hunt from himself

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The UFC president comments on taking Mark Hunt out of the main event of UFC Sydney and all the drama that’s ensued.

UFC 200 - Weigh-in Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It's been an interesting week for Mark Hunt and the UFC, starting with the promotion pulling Hunt from the main event of UFC Sydney over comments he made about possible brain damage. Hunt responded with a profane response that made notorious potty mouth Dana White look tame, and then accused the promotion of scuttling the big fight over his ongoing lawsuit against the company. Now Dana White is responding to the charge that he's always hated Hunt.

"He went off on me, he's always going off on me," White told TMZ Sports. “Sometimes you gotta protect these guys from themselves, and that's what we're looking into right now. He made a statement that I've hated him forever. I don't hate Mark Hunt at all, I've never hated Mark Hunt. He knows that, I was actually really good to Mark Hunt."

So is White thinking Hunt owes him an apology?

"I don't expect an apology at all!" he said with a laugh.

Hunt has ripped into White multiple times over the past couple of years and always seems to be on the outs with the UFC over something. But that hasn't stopped him from accepting fights with the promotion. While he's definitely going to have to jump through some hoops to prove his recent brain damage comments were indeed just jokes taken out of context, we doubt this latest explosion (and threat of another lawsuit) will end their relationship.