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Video: Crazy-jacked bodybuilder has faster hands than any striker in UFC

Guys, I think it’s time we get serious about Mariusz Pudzianowski.

The five-time World’s Strongest Man is not just some crazy-jacked bodybuilder. Well, he is, but he’s also one of the fastest strikers in mixed martial arts (MMA) and may be even quicker than the speediest punchers in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Are you blind? Watch him bash that bag!

Okay, so he can only keep up that rat-tat-tat pace for about four seconds, but also keep in mind his speed bag is like 18 times the size of those tiny ones at the boxing gym that are shaped like the bulbous thingy that dangles from the back of your throat.

Vulva? Uvula? I can never remember the name.

Anyway, Pudzianowski (11-5, 1 NC) is riding a two-fight winning streak for KSW in Poland and I think he would be a prime candidate for the new “Legends League” soon to be created by Vitor Belfort.

Until then ... don’t blink!

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