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Midnight Mania! Mike Perry endorses acrobatic couples yoga while petting tiny dog

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Mike Perry does yoga with his girl to stay in shape. Not just any yoga though, but challenging acrobatic yoga. He says it helps develop coordination and balance, and encourages everyone to try it. It’s a positive message, especially for Mike Perry. The fact that he was petting a tiny dog also makes this clip a classic.

My favorite part, though, is at the end:

This is definitely a fun one that me and my girl like to do. She likes to do it a lot more than me...

His girl does like to work on her flexibility. I see now why Jeremy Stephens (allegedly) tried to dance up on her at the UFC athletes’ retreat... Mike Perry wasn’t having that, though.

Little post sparring stretches today at #FusionXCel #StayFlexy #platinumprincess #platinumprincessfitness Leggings: @_yogavated_

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Time for another weird clip, this time about a weird fighter, Tony Ferguson

Two things. Firstly, if you haven’t seen the YouTube video this GIF is from, of Bas Rutten teaching “self defense”, go watch it. Secondly, Max Holloway deserves the Rutten stamp of approval.

Actually... just watch the video here. Someone once said civilization peaked here and they might have been right.

Cat Zingano has a commentary gig with LFA, which is always a great job for fighters and former fighters to utilize their expertise.

Paige VanZant looks unhealthy-skinny here... but that’s not what her followers were thinking about in the replies.

Bryan Caraway justifies his fight with Luke Sanders

Not everyone can be Mighty Mouse, as Belal Muhammad found out

I approve of this joke

Donald Cerrone being himself

This big ol boy decided to come on the boat today!! . Was wild

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