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Johny Hendricks ‘eating a lot,’ but working with UFC nutritionist to get under 200 pounds

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Johny Hendricks is clomping around north of 200 pounds, but the good news for “Bigg Rigg” fans is that he’s no longer trying to hit the 170-pound limit.

Perhaps thanks to this (among other things).

That puts him roughly 15-20 pounds over the middleweight mark of 185, and with less than a month to go before his next fight, I’m sure Hendricks will have no problem making weight, thanks to the services of a UFC-assigned nutritionist.

From his conversation with Submission Radio:

“I’ve been working the UFC nutritionist. So I’m working with people, I’m working with them. My weight, I’m gonna try to hit under 200 (lbs.) this week and then I’ll be three weeks out from weigh-ins. By the time I get there my goal is to be right around 195 so he has an easy time with me. And those are all easy things to do. I’ve been eating a lot, I’ve doing a lot of things differently, been running more, you know, things that I’m not relying on other people about. Even though I’m working with the UFC on the nutrition side, I’m really on my own in a theory because I’m making sure that I do it. I’ve relied on other people and it’s time for me to say, ‘hey, now if I miss weight it’s because of me.’ And that’s what sucks too, you know, these people, you get sick, you don’t lose weight when you get sick. Your body holds onto everything. And not only that, but I was in good shape going into that fight and it looked like I didn’t train at all.”

The boy who cried wolf wild hog?

Hendricks jumped up to middleweight after failing to make weight at 170 pounds. Unfortunately, whatever issues plagued him at welterweight seemed to follow him to his new home, as “Bigg Rigg” came in heavy last June.

Water under the bridge?

We’ll find out when Hendricks fights the unheralded Paulo Henrique Costa at the upcoming UFC 217 pay-per-view (PPV) event on Nov. 4, 2017, inside Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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