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Introducing the new MMA podcast, “The Outsiders”

As if there weren’t enough podcasts in the world already.

Most of you know me from my nightly blog, Midnight Mania. Well, now I have a podcast too, with my good friend and professional musician AJ Herrick. The highlights of this first episode include the cold open, AJ stopping me from droning on repeatedly, a discussion on whether Demetrious Johnson is, or ever will be, acknowledged as the GOAT, Tony Ferguson’s win over Kevin Lee, the problem of weight cutting in MMA, and who the hell Darren Till is (the English bloke fighting Cowboy Cerrone next weekend).

Moving forward, we will also have interviews with interesting people who have way more insight than we do, so keep an eye out for that.

I’m mostly waiting for the feedback, which is going to be awesome. Here are some of the positive reviews I expect:

“Mildly entertaining at best”

“These guys know nothing about this sport”

“Didn’t listen”

The feedback is what really makes this process rewarding, so thank you all in advance.

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