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Rory MacDonald accuses Robbie Lawler of taking steroids, was 'on some sh*t' at UFC 189

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Robbie Lawler has long been known for his incredible endurance and ability to keep on ticking after taking a good licking.

According to Rory MacDonald, however, it's with the help of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). During a recent interview with MMA Fighting, "Red King" said "Ruthless" was undoubtedly on "some shit" during their epic brawl at UFC 189.

"I'm convinced he was," said Rory.

“He never slowed down. I would hurt him and his output was high, high, high and he never really lost power and endurance. He just kept the pace and kept the power no matter how hurt or tired he was. He always was recovered very fast. It made me very suspicious."

Indeed, both men took quite a beating that night, Lawler included, who suffered a lacerated lip, busted up face and more before finishing Rory in the fifth and final round.

“Obviously, I think Robbie is a tank of a person. He’s got that fire and that will and the rage and that anger in him that burns and pushes him through those hard moments. He’s an absolute warrior. I’m not disagreeing with that. But I do believe he was taking some sh*t," he added.

Despite "suspicious test results," which included high Luteinizing Hormone, Lawler did not fail the test administered by USADA.

After stating he's heard not-so flattering things about American Top Team's (ATT) ties with PEDs, Rory got into a Twitter spat with Yves Edwards.

More on that here.

Still, Rory wants to make it clear that he isn't accusing all ATT team members of using steroids, but won't back down on his thoughts on Robbie.

“I didn’t call so and so and so and so someone who was on performance-enhancing drugs,” he said. “I don’t have an issue with whatever. Someone asked me, ‘Do I think Robbie Lawler is on steroids?’ Yeah, I do. That’s it.”

At the end if the day, Rory says it's not about sour grapes, he's simply expressing what he believes to be true.

“I’m totally not crying about it,” MacDonald said. “If you’re gonna ask me, do I think Robbie Lawler takes performance-enhancing drugs? Absolutely, I do. And I absolutely think he was on something when we fought."

To date, Robbie has never failed a drug test.

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