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Video: Tommy Toehold gives UFC commentator Mike Goldberg the retirement sendoff he deserves

After nearly 20 years of service as the play-by-play announcer for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Mike Goldberg is walking away from the mega promotion after calling his last set of fights at UFC 207. To much surprise, Goldberg's unexpected exit from his cageside seat was not met with commemoration from UFC. Instead, the promotion whisked Goldberg away like an old dog being put down in the backyard. While Goldberg himself recently reached out to his fans across the world to express his gratitude, no other sendoff was better than the one delivered by the infamous Tommy Toehold, which can be seen above (h/t Bloody Elbow).

The commemorative video, titled "It Is All Over," takes a funny look at some of Goldberg's more infamous mispronunciations, promotional plugs and catchphrases, while paying tribute to the hard work he actually put in. With nothing being released by UFC (shame on them), Toehold holds it down and gives fight fans something to chew on as this guy moves in to take Goldberg's vacant seat.

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