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ESPN's Jonathan Coachman on Ronda Rousey: WWE doesn't want broken stars

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Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) commentator and current ESPN anchor, Jonathan Coachman, is not only an avid fans of professional wrestling, but also professional mixed martial arts (MMA). After witnessing the disastrous return to action by Ronda Rousey this past month at UFC 207, in which Rousey fell victim to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight queen Amanda Nunes in just 48 seconds, Coachman believes WWE's previous interest in bringing "Rowdy" aboard will diminish in 2017, stating the following during a recent appearance on Sirius XM's Busted Open radio show:

I’ll say this before, and I will say it again; there has never been an athlete in the history of sports that their self worth, and I don’t like saying this but it’s true..their self worth is so tied to their professional success, think about that for a second; when she lost, she was not only devastated; when she lost, the thoughts that were going through her head were not good ones, and hopefully she understands that she has gone much farther than any female in sports, and hopefully she can latch on to a positive, but as far as the WWE is concerned, they don’t bring in a broken star, and that is what she is. She is broken from a professional sense. They don’t rebuild broken celebrities outside of the WWE. Brock started in the WWE. Ken Shamrock was a fighter who lost, but any of these comparisons, are not only fair to them, but they’re not fair to Ronda Rousey. They are never going to bring her in because the fans won’t treat her fairly, and what exactly are they going to do with her at this point?

Damn. Is Rousey really that broken? Has back-to-back defeats knocked her out of contention when it comes to landing a spot on the WWE roster in the near future? Does she need at least one more win before crossing over, if that's ultimately what she wants to do?

While Coachman is no longer a professional part of WWE, he knows the business inside and out. He witnessed some of the more popular wrestlers ever step inside the ring and promote themselves in front of millions. Like it or not, his point is a valid one.

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