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Rapaport: Ronda Rousey saved by ‘white-girl privilege’ at UFC 207

And here I thought “Remy,” the milquetoast skinhead from Higher Learning, was the worst role of Michael Rapaport’s professional career.

Then came his side gig as UFC (cough) “analyst” on FOX Sports 1, alongside Shit Bayless and Shannon (Not-so) Sharpe, who is self-admittedly “not the biggest UFC fan.

Look at me! I’m funny!


Anyway, Rapaport was asked to deconstruct Ronda Rousey’s losing performance at UFC 207 (replay), for reasons unbeknownst to laypeople like myself, and took long-time referee Herb Dean to task for stopping the fight too quickly.

Because Amanda Nunes left “Rowdy” with the ability to chew solid food, still intact.

The nerve!

“I think they stopped the fight too soon,” Rapaport told anyone who would listen. “In my opinion, that was white-girl privilege working at its finest.”

Rapaport compared Rousey’s finish to the non-stoppage of John Lineker earlier in the evening (watch it), arguing that T.J. Dillashaw was allowed to whack-a-mole the granite-chinned Brazilian for a solid 25 minutes without intervention.

Both contests were officiated by Dean.

Perhaps he missed Dean’s approach to UFC 193, where Rousey was basically run through the meat grinder before going to sleep in the second round, but that’s Kermit drinking a glass of tea.

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