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Midnight Mania! Derrick Lewis hits Rousey’s boyfriend below belt with 'wife beater' snipe

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Lewis vs Abdurakhimov Michael Adamucci-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight, we have Derrick Lewis taking shots at Travis Browne on “The MMA Hour,” Valentina Shevchenko is revealed to have yet another surprising skill, Rampage Jackson goes “there,” UFC Fight Night 104 headliner Dennis Bermudez asks Tom Brady a question, knockouts, submissions, randomness, and everything else you need to fuel your sleeplessness.


Lewis says motivation for his main event match against Browne, which headlines UFC Fight Night: “Halifax” next month (details here) comes from “Hapa” allegedly beating women. However, Browne was cleared of domestic violence against his ex-wife after a UFC-funded investigation. That, however, did not stop Lewis from using the accusations as fuel.

“Black Beast” admits he’s no saint, though:

Browne has already said he is taking this fight personally, and that Lewis is going to find out what this shit is all about. Except, now “Black Beast” really has made it personal. This could get real fun ... for as long as it lasts.

Oh, and by the way, that came after this craziness on “The MMA Hour:”

All that happened amidst Rampage’s anger at UFC for killing his sponsorship market with the Reebok deal.

Watch it all here:

Bobs and Weaves

Ronda Rousey — the former female 135-pound champion-turned political activist — is no fan of Trump’s immigration ban.

Speaking of female Bantamweights, here’s Valentina “Bullet” Shevchenko, a woman of many talents:

Oh, and she can dance, too.

Dennis Bermudez seems to be making offers on Dana’s behalf ahead of his pre-Super Bowl fight night headliner versus “Korean Zombie.

Watch here:

This is great social media game from Derek Brunson, who faces Anderson Silva in the co-main of UFC 208:

Trump has been going crazy with the executive orders, but I never knew he’d go this far. And after his own supporter, Dana White, vaguely threatened McGregor with an “epic fall,” too.

From, see this hilarious glitch from EA Sports UFC 2:

Slips, Rips and KO Clips

Ian McCall is officially cursed. All of his opponents get injured, even those who never get injured.

Do you remember this?

I love elbows!

Old highlights are still good highlights

Podcasts and Video

The Severe MMA Podcast:

The Co-Main Event podcast:

Quick Hits:

  • That Conor McGregor PPV, where he literally charged money to talk, ended in a massive brawl. Way to play into stereotype, Ireland. Wonder if pints were involved.
  • Jack Slack’s .gif-filled breakdown from the weekend was excellent
  • Jorge Masvidal beat Cowboy Cerrone, but then had to face his grandmother!

Random Land

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