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Bad luck McCall will still fight at UFC 208 following another last second snafu

Ian McCalls last four fights have been cancelled, and he almost lost his fifth at UFC 208.

Bamma USA Presents Badbeat 16 Live Mixed Martial Arts At The Commerce Casino Crown Plaza LA Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images Bamma USA

Ian McCall has some of the worst luck ever. The 115 pound fighter hasn't fought since January of 2015, but it's not for lack of trying. Four times the UFC has booked him, and four times the fights have fallen apart for one reason or another.

The first time was from an injury McCall suffered. Then his next opponent botched his weight cut so bad he couldn't compete. Fight number three went down in flames when McCall's opponent got violently ill three days before their fight. And then McCall ended up getting sick himself in the days leading up to fight number four against Neil Seery.

That brings us to UFC 208, which is just under two weeks away on February 11th. The UFC re-booked McCall and Seery for the event, but this time it's Seery pulling out citing the death of his mother-in-law. That left McCall potentially twisting in the wind for a fifth fight in a row. You really had to wonder what Ian had done to receive this horrible curse.

Fortunately, two weeks was enough time for the UFC to make a change, and now McCall will fight UFC newcomer Jarred "The Monkey God" Brooks, who arrives at 12-0 with five submission wins and two knockouts to his name. He's been on a tear of late, with five fights in 2015 resulting in four finishes.

The two will fight on the FOX Sports 1 portion of the card ... provided something wacky doesn't happen between now and then. With Ian McCall, you never know.

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