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Bellator 170, The Morning After: Was Ortiz-Sonnen a Work?

What you may have missed from last night

Deniz Ilbay v Egidijus Kavalliauskas Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tito Ortiz has retired, ostensibly for good this time. The MMA Pioneer and former UFC champion got to go out on a win, too. Chael Sonnen was once again proven to be more talk than action, succombing to a choke in the first round- though, characteristically, not without controversy. (Bellator 170 full results and play-by-play here, highlights and GIFs here, post-fight press conference here)


Tito has had a long, legendary career.

He was thanked by a host of fighters, and even Hulk Hogan gave him his due.

The feeling is mutual.

The referee did have to peel Tito off Sonnen, though. I guess all that trash talk really got to him.

The real controversy, however, is that many thought Tito actually tapped to a Sonnen guillotine, and the fight was fixed.

Many felt the final tap was suspect as well.

It wasn’t just the fans who said it though. Fighters and analysts voiced the idea as well

Was the fight a work? It seems incredibly unlikely, if only because Sonnen is the new talent (on the mic anyway) for Bellator, and Ortiz is the guy retiring. For Bellator, it doesn’t make sense to have your new signing lose to a retiree. Moreover, Sonnen has a history of tapping to surprising submissions, and Ortiz is a very good grappler. For many fans, though, the questions will remain.

The Best of the Rest

There was an important announcement made- but not the one people were hoping for. The return of Rampage was announced to be Rampage vs. King Mo 2- an announcement that had many groaning, since this is a matchup that wasn’t particularly thrilling the first time.

What was thrilling was Paul Daley’s win over Brennan Ward.

It was a brutal knockout

Every fight has a winner and a loser- in some cases, this is more pronounced than others

Rory was quick to respond

Bellator saved a seat for Meryl Streep, who I’m sure seriously considered coming.

One can only imagine her reactions

While Meryl Streep did not show up in the end, there was a diverse cast of celebrities represented

In Other News

  • Jussier Formiga vs Ray Borg has been announced. It will take place in Brazil, March 11th, at UFC Fight Night 106.
  • Tyron Woodley and Jamie Varner went at it on Twitter after Varner accused Woodley of race-baiting.
  • Manny Pacquiao wants to fight Conor McGregor too, and states the obvious- that the Notorious doesn’t have a shot at beating Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match

Bellator wasn’t the only promotion holding an event last night.

Looks like Flo Combat had their craziest event yet. Team MMA is just an absolutely insane idea on every level.

Enjoy your Sunday, Maniacs.

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