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Tyron Woodley and Jamie Varner engage in Twitter battle over race-baiting comments

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Tyron Woodley made headlines earlier this week when he stated that fans don't like him because he is black, citing mistreatment for fellow fighters like Demetrious Johnson and Jon Jones. In response, Woodley's UFC 205 and UFC 209 opponent, Stephen Thompson, weighed in on the situation. Now, mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Jamie Varner seems to have joined the party, which immediately prompted a heated Twitter war between he and Woodley.

Well, that escalated fairly quickly. It's going to be hard to tell Woodley anything about his lack of popularity growth when he's trying so hard to be liked. He may be better suited accepting the role of heel and refraining from defending his own UFC stock. Above all else, Woodley will have to defend his title yet again opposite "Wonderboy" at UFC 209 this March.

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