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Watch the Diaz Brothers smoke these crazy gold joints shaped like UFC gloves

At $2000 a pop, these golden glove shaped joints were expensive enough to get Nick and Nate to show up.

What the heck are the Diaz brothers up to these days? Not fighting, that's for sure. Despite Nick's most recent suspension wrapping up a few months ago, he still doesn't have a fight scheduled with the UFC. Neither does Nate, who just applied for a boxing license in Nevada and may be planning to ditch MMA.

According to Tyron Woodley, the UFC tried to set something up with Nick for UFC 209 (perfect for Nick's comeback since it's also his much repped Stockton area code number), but not enough money got put on the table to make it happen.

So what are the Diaz brothers doing instead? Well, just last night they spent their time smoking ridiculous golden joints shaped to look like UFC gloves. The above video is Snapchat footage from an appearance the two made at the California Herbal Remedies shop in Las Angeles. According to one of the shop proprietors, each glove was worth about $2000 ... we have no idea if that's due to the weed inside or the gold wrapping. Either way, that's pretty baller.

Here’s hoping the UFC can sit down over a bowl or whatever and coax one or both of the Diaz brothers out of their self-imposed MMA exile. It might cost a lot of money, but considering the numbers Nick brought in on the GSP and Anderson Silva fights and Nate pulled for his Conor McGregor duology, we’d say they’re definitely worth the expense.

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