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Amanda Nunes, Nina Ansaroff reveal plans to have a baby after two or three more UFC fights

Women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes can’t wait to start a family.

Equality California's Equality Awards Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for UFC

Amanda 'The Lioness' Nunes has some pretty big ambitions. She wants to pull a Conor McGregor by becoming the first woman to hold two belts in the UFC at once. For that reason she's been talking a lot about taking on the winner of UFC 209's inaugural women's featherweight title fight between Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie. But beyond that, she's also got family ambitions that could result in a little McGregor style time off as well.

On ESPN's Be Honest with Cari Champion, Nunes and longtime girlfriend / fellow UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff laid out their timeline for having a baby.

"You told me you got two or three more fights and then you'll start a family?" Champion asked.

"Yeah, I want," Nunes responded. "I can't wait!"

"I'm gonna get the bill within a year and a half, two years," Ansaroff added with a laugh, implying she would be the one to carry a child for the couple. "I can pause. Get a baby and then come back. A lot of girls in the UFC already have a baby. There's a bunch of girls that have babies and go back.”

“You're pregnant for eight or nine months, but I was in a really bad motorcycle accident that messed me up way more than a baby would do to my body, so I think I'll be fine."

When you think about it, having a baby isn't much worse than blowing out your knee, with the added bonus that your legs aren't held together with rubber bands after a baby. And both Amanda and Nina rattled off a long list of other female UFC fighters who have managed to have kids and still fight. There's even the excellent new documentary ‘Fight Mom’ that was just added to UFC Fight Pass that covers Michelle 'The Karate Hottie' Waterson's career as a mother and fighter.

But time off at the wrong time can be tough, and with Nina Ansaroff just starting to climb the UFC rankings with a win over Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger at last week's UFC Fight Night: Penn vs Rodriguez fight, she may find herself in the middle of a women's strawweight title run in a year or two. Tough choices will have to be made, just one of the unique problems female MMA fighters have to face compared to their male counterparts.

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