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Don Frye slams Mark Hunt’s steroid lawsuit: ‘You know what you signed up for!’

As usual, MMA legend Don Frye has a unique take on Mark Hunt’s decision to sue the UFC and Brock Lesnar.

Mark Hunt has been rattling a lot of cages lately with his war against steroid users in the UFC. Following his loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, it was revealed that the WWE superstar had failed not one but two drug tests for a post-cycle drug called clomiphene. Hunt immediately went on the offensive, demanding the UFC give him a big chunk of Lesnar's purse as compensation.

Hunt has since launched a multi-million lawsuit against the UFC and Brock for racketeering, conspiracy, fraud, and a number of other charges. It's all set to go ahead at the same time as Mark is preparing to fight another renowned PED user, Alistair Overeem, at UFC 209.

I’m not against a fighter getting a nice chunk of their opponent's purse should someone fail a drug test. They're the ones suffering losses and taking financial hits when competitors on drugs beat them up. Why should the money go to the athletic commissions? But not everyone is on the same page. As far as MMA legend Don Frye is concerned, Hunt is being unreasonable. Via Submission Radio:

“I love Mark Hunt, I really do and that disappoints me, man. It’s just kind of chicken shit, you know what I mean. It’s pro sports. He knew what he was getting into when he signed the deal, when he answered the phone, come on. Come on, Mark. Man up, buddy. Come on, you’re better than that. You’re just lowering yourself by doing that shit. I mean, everybody knows. You can just take a look at what’s his name, Brock Lesnar, and tell, even if you don’t know anything about pro sports or steroids. Like I said, Mark knew the score going into it. Come on, man. And it wasn’t Lesnar’s fault Mark couldn’t throw a kick and didn’t throw a punch. He just stood there like a freaking punching bag the whole five (sic) rounds.”

He did admit the lawsuit might have a better chance of succeeding due to the recent regime change at the top of the UFC.

"The timing’s perfect because Dana White and the Fertitta brothers sold the sport, and nothing was gonna change as long as the Fertittas owned it and it was based in Vegas. Nothing would have changed. Now you’re gonna have some Hollywood people try and run it, and they’re smart when it comes to the movies and stuff, but sports is a whole different animal. So they could end up getting raped.”

With many armchair lawyers wondering how well Hunt's racketeering and conspiracy charges will hold up in court, maybe this is what Mark's lawyers are hoping as well: that WME-IMG isn't interested in having a bunch of steroid skeletons falling out of their newly acquired closet, and they'll instead settle to avoid the headache. But as usual, it's a case of giving and inch and people trying to take a mile. What's to stop every single other fighter from launching their own lawsuit? Especially the ones who have fought Vitor Belfort?

For more news on Mark Hunt's upcoming fight at UFC 209, click here.

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