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As far as Amanda Nunes is concerned, Miesha Tate is a way better fighter than Ronda Rousey

‘The Lioness’ was so sure she’d beat Ronda Rousey that she took time off camp to go to Disneyland.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Dana White said the world would know who Amanda Nunes was if she beat Ronda Rousey, and while we're still questioning the UFC's decision to completely neglect Nunes in advertisements leading up to UFC 207, at least she's starting to pop up on some television shows now.

Tomorrow she'll be on Live With Kelly, which is the kind of gig that wouldn't have been possible without help from new UFC owners WME-IMG. But for the moment let's focus on the stuff she just said during the Fox Sports On The Buzzer show (via FloCombat).

"UFC 200 was big for me - it was huge. For me it was like crazy and everything changed the week of the fight. I was suddenly the main event and I had to be ready. This one [UFC 207], I knew the whole time I was going to be the main event, so I was mentally stronger, you know? Honestly, my camp for Miesha Tate was harder than it was for Ronda."
"Miesha Tate is a better fighter, way better than Ronda Rousey," Nunes said. "The thing is she can't beat Ronda Rousey, but Miesha Tate is a really tough opponent. She has great wrestling and ground game, she can strike you too. The camp was more hard, but Ronda Rousey, I know how to beat Ronda Rousey and I took time off during my camp ... I had like three days off when I took Nina (Ansaroff, her girlfriend) to Disney. It was an easy camp."

Miesha Tate managed to last a lot longer than Rousey during her fight with Nunes ... it took Amanda a whole three minutes and sixteen seconds to dismantle Miesha and choke her out (watch it here), versus the 48 seconds for Ronda. It makes us wonder where Nunes sees Cat Zingano, who has the distinction of being the only woman to beat the current women’s bantamweight champ in the UFC.

One thing is for sure: the era of Rousey mentally dominating all her opponents before they even step into the cage with her are over. Holly Holm spent every waking minute perfecting the game plan she used to slay the Rousey hype beast. Now, fighting Ronda apparently means you get to skip some training sessions to ride Space Mountain. What a difference a year makes.

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