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Junior dos Santos wants Fabricio Werdum after injury to Stefan Struve, says division has 'completely stopped'

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight king Junior dos Santos can't catch a break. As the last fighter to defeat current champion Stipe Miocic inside of the Octagon, JDS has been itching to get back into the cage and make a run at the title. But after seeing his upcoming bout get washed away following an injury to Stefan Struve, the Brazilian doesn't know if any of his fellow big men will step up and fight him.

"I'm just really upset about everything happening in this division right now," said dos Santos in a recent interview with ESPN. "It's completely stopped. I'm in shape. I'm doing very well. I'm actually in one of the best times of my life. I'm looking forward to fighting again, but the UFC is allowing these guys to do whatever they want to do.

"I don't know why. [USADA] changed everything, too. With USADA here, things are different in this division. Weird things are happening. I'm just sad. Very sad. I'm ready to go, and I just need an opportunity. That's the UFC's job. They need to work on getting me an opportunity."

If "Cigano" had it his way, former champion Fabricio Werdum would fill in on short notice and meet JDS in a highly-anticipated rematch from their meeting back in 2008, which dos Santos won via first-round knockout in his Octagon debut. However, JDS doesn't believe Werdum wants to fight.

"The right thing now would be for me to fight Werdum," added dos Santos. "Everybody knows there is a rivalry between us. That would be a great moment for everybody, but he doesn't want the fight."

Remember, Werdum just saw his rematch with Cain Velasquez at UFC 207 fall apart after Velasquez publicly disclosed a debilitating back injury.

"He knows he can't have a good performance against me," added dos Santos. "I imagine he wants to keep his high rank, because then people will give him attention he really doesn't deserve.

"I hope the UFC finds me an opponent for Feb. 19, but if they don't, I think the right thing would be me fighting Miocic for the title. Let's get this division going."

With a recent victory over Ben Rothwell under his belt, it's possible that dos Santos could challenge for the title with one more victory. But considering much of the division is locked up, his best bet is to harass Werdum until the Brazilian comes out of hiding.