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Cat Zingano feeling 'protective' of Ronda Rousey, defends her like a neighbor against Amanda Nunes

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Cat Zingano already defended Ronda Rousey against a "disrespectful" Amanda Nunes after the Brazilian knocked Rousey silly at UFC 207, so it shouldn't come as surprise that "Alpha" is taking yet another stance in the media. As a matter of fact, she views Rousey as a friendly neighbor in help. One that doesn't deserve to be ridiculed after what she's done for the sport.

"People want to rip on [Ronda] for that shit," Zingano told MMA Fighting regarding the backlash Rousey has received after losing. "It's brave. It's crazy the reaction she got, and it made me even more protective of her. I could easily hate her. I could easily have disdain for her, for the fact that I am on the losing end of making history.

"But it's not like that for me. She's done a lot for me. Just like I would for anybody else. My neighbor helps me. If somebody came at my neighbor the way Amanda came at Ronda, I'd be in their face just the way I'm in her face. That's who I am, and that's what I do. Half the reason I fight the way I fight is because of where I get my mind, and I'm very protective of the things that matter to me."

Remember, Zingano lost to Rousey in just 14 seconds back at UFC 184, ending her undefeated record. Despite the history between the two, Zingano remains "protective" of Rousey, especially when it comes to her psyche and history with suicide.

"[Ronda] was strong enough to admit that she was having suicidal thoughts," said Zingano about Rousey's public admission following her loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193. "Who the hell sits there and makes fun of someone for that? Who the hell thinks they can get on there and call somebody weak or whatever? That is why suicide rates are up tenfold from the last two decades. That is why mental health is such a stigma. That's why mental illness is something people don't talk about, because of bullshit like that.

"It's obviously something I have a close relationship with, and it's something Ronda has a relationship with. Her family members have also committed suicide. That 100 percent, scientifically, puts her at higher risk. It's a statistic."

Zingano, who recently lost to Julianna Pena at UFC 200 via unanimous decision, says that in a perfect world she would have her chance to rematch Rousey. But considering "Rowdy" is thinking things over, "Alpha" may have to dig her claws into another opposing bantamweight contender in the meantime.

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