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Video: Frankie Edgar hurt his d--k (but it's okay) following successful groin surgery

News alert: Frankie Edgar’s d—k is okay.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion of the world posted a hilarious video on his Instagram account giving fight fans an update after his successful groin surgery earlier today (Jan. 11, 2017).

And "The Answer" — who was still feeling the anesthesia effects — wants you to know he is doing fine and that he is well endowed

"Hi, my dick hurts, or around there it hurts. My dick’s okay. But around there it hurts. I feel it, it’s down by my knee."

Good times.

Edgar was hoping to get a fight at the upcoming UFC 208 pay-per-view (PPV) event on February 11, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York, but since he was unable to secure one, opted to go under the knife.

Frankie was last seen defeating Jeremy Stephens at UFC 206 last November, outscoring the hard-hitting "Heathen" to walk out of the Madison Square Garden in NYC with a unanimous decision win.

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