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What a Joke! Mike Goldeberg’s son blasts UFC for not giving him proper sendoff after UFC 207

Ethan Miller

I admit, after the dust settled at UFC 207 this past Friday (Dec. 30, 2016) in Las Vegas, Nevada, I expected Mike Goldberg to have a moment — at least a minute or two — to says his farewells after calling his last event for the promotion.

It never came.

It’s a move that didn’t sit too well with Mike’s son, Kole, who took to Twitter to blast the promotion he covered for nearly 20 years for not giving him a proper sendoff after over a decade of service.

It’s a cold, cold business.

A few select fighters also threw their support and words of encouragement for Mike, with a couple of them sharing Kole's sentiments that Goldie should have received a proper sendoff into the sunset.

Company president Dana White never divulged further information as to what lead to Goldeberg’s removal, opting to let Mike give his own side of the story if he wished. As of yet, he has yet to do so.

Nevertheless, UFC plans on making up for his absence, as White teased a potential "dream team" of broadcasting for 2017 and beyond.

Any guesses?

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