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GFL Top 5 Fights to watch this weekend not named UFC 203

UFC 203 isn't the only combat sports event this weekend, as fight fans can tune in to Go Fight Live to watch the best regional MMA action.

While the highly anticipated UFC 203 pay-per-view (PPV) event is taking the majority of the headlines this weekend in combat sports, is set to feature a handful of intriguing regional events on Saturday evening. Once again, as a gift to MMAmania readers, GFL is offering 20 percent off any event, using the exclusive coupon code GFLMania.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the Top 5 fights to watch on GFL this weekend:

1. Fists of Fury No. 11

Fists of Fury cage fights from Woodward Oklahoma is set with 15 bouts, including 10 pro and amateur MMA bouts, as well as five bouts featuring the Pankration fighting style. This is one of the oldest form of combat sports competition and should be extremely interesting to watch. The term Pankration literary means 'all force', and is a combination of wrestling and boxing. It was a dangerous sport, in which everything was permitted except biting, gouging (stabbing with your finger in your opponent's eye, nose or mouth) and attacking the genitals. The sport is coming back in the US, and here is your chance to check it out.

The Main Event is a heavyweight bout featuring Brandon "The Undertaker" Lee who is 4-0 as a pro spanning only an 11 month career to date. Lee has finished all of his opponents in the first round. He takes on Stephen Skoch who turned pro in June and won his first pro fight by TKO in eight seconds of the first round. With Lee already on the UFC's radar, Skoch could get there with a signature victory. This bout will be high energy and is almost guaranteed not to go the distance.

Notable Fight on the Card: The event will also feature a "Big Boy Beat Down" featuring two fighters exceeding 300 pounds. 300 pound fighter, Stephen Brown, is making his amateur debut against another debut fighter Richard Wyatt at 350 pounds. Both these fighters are new to the cage so it is unclear what we can expect to see. It has the making of a spectacle fight, though, and could wind up being one of the better fights of the night if these fighters are game to hit and be hit. Any flush shot from a fighter with that kind of weight behind him will be hard to take too often, so do not blink this fight could be over quick.

2. Hoosier Fighting Club 30

HFC 30 from Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana is another great regional promotion featuring top pro MMA competition. A great matchup in the 155lb weight class is a bout between Austin Hubbard (4-0) and Sean McMurray (4-1). Hubbard trains with Elevation Fight Team out of the MusclePharm gym in Denver, Co., and includes former UFC champion TJ Dillashaw. McMurry is a former Michigan State wrestler coming from The Lab, and definitely a prospect to keep an eye on.

This is a matchup of two highly touted and up and coming lightweights. Hubbard has been fighting since April 2014, during which time he is 7-0 including his amateur fights. McMurray has been fighting since February 2013, is 7-1 including his amateur fights, with his only loss being a ref stoppage last June due to a cut that his corner could not stop from bleeding.

Hubbard has finished his opponents in six of seven contests and McMurray has finished five of seven opponents in his wins. Both are young highly skilled fighters looking for a statement win. Though each fighter has fought competitive opponents, this is clearly the toughest bout to date for both fighters. I would not be surprised if this fight was the best fight of the weekend. Pick'em.

Notable Fight on the Card: Sultan Umar (3-0, 7-0 including amateur bouts) v Dustin Pape (7-3) is the Main Event at HFC 30. They will square off for the inaugural HFC 170 lb Championship. Umar is considered a special type of athletic Welterweight, having knocked out all three pro opponents in the first round via punches. Pape, a very tough and durable fighter has gone the distance in four of his bouts and even in his losses has gone deep into each contest. This will be Umar's toughest opponent to date, as Pape is not an easy out. Will Umar's athleticism prevail or will Pape's stamina and veteran skills prove to be too much for Umar to handle? Stamina and experience disappear when you are caught with a solid punch.

3. CageZilla Fighting Championship 42

CageZilla Fighting Championship is the longest running promotion in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Ryan Parker and Codie Bowers are two of the toughest light heavyweights in the region, and they will battle it out this Saturday night at CageZilla Fighting Championship 42.

Parker will bring his power, size and skill to the cage to defend his title and 7-1 record. He is one of Virginia's rising stars and at 23 year old, standing 6'3" tall he has significant advantages over Bowers. Parker's only loss was his first, having reeled off seven straight victories; five of which have been first round KOs.

This is the 19-year old Bowers debut fight, and though he is a more compact 205 pounds, on the face of it, this fight is a mismatch. However, Codie comes from a long line of great local wrestlers and MMA fighters and now brings his desire and dedication to the sport of MMA. Codie won the 2014 VA 6A state wrestling championship. Growing up around the sport with three older brothers who have all fought and wrestled, Codie has honed his skills to be tough standing or on the ground.

Bowers will be cornered by talented coach and ROC Welterweight Champ, Elijah Harshbarger who has heaped praise upon him and expects big things from him. That says a lot considering Elijah has also coached other fighters who have made it into the UFC, including TUF season 16 winner Colton Smith and TUF season 11 runner-up Kris McCray.

Parker is a highly disciplined and tough fighter with the experience of eight bouts under his belt. Codie is a successful wrestler and will look to offset Ryan's size advantage and long reach with his excellent ground game. Ryan is bringing his seven fight win streak and title belt to the table. This could be a barnburner.

Notable Fight on the Card: Featherweights Jacob Ashley (3-1) v Kevin Fulmore (5-2). This is a battle of Maryland verse Virginia. Some areas just breed rivalry, which is the case of Baltimore, Maryland and the Washington DC/Virginia Metro area. Ashley's only loss is a split decision loss, whilst Fulmore lost his last fight to a game Kyle Graham (5-1) via submission. Fulmore has been desperately trying to get back in the cage since having two fights drop at the last minute during the past six months. Both fighters need this win to stay relevant.

4. Fury Fighting Championship

Fury FC from Humble Texas features an excellent Bantamweight 135lb., title fight featuring Trent Meaux (4-1-1, 10-3-1 including amateur record) vs Ricky Turcos (7-0).

Once you dig into the specifics of this fight you can see how this easily could be the best fight of the entire weekend on These two fighters are not only successful, they have been successful on much larger stages. Ricky Turcos has fought and won at both Legacy FC and at Bellator. Trent Meaux has fought three times at Legacy FC, winning two of the three bouts, losing his first Legacy bout to a tough 5-0 Roberto Sanchez.

Both fighters have been fighting since mid- 2013. Though Meaux chose to start as an amateur, recording a 6-2 record, Turcos' first fight was as a pro at Legacy FC 21. Turcos has fought to a decision in four of his seven bouts, whilst Meaux has only gone the distance twice. Both fighters are technically solid. Meaux is an extremely tough and compact 135lbs., he actually looks much bigger when you watch film on him. He is an aggressive fighter looking for the quick finish, like the head kick he used to finish Garret Granger.

Ricky Turcos is on a clear trajectory to the UFC. He has fought quality opponents at high profile events, being featured in the main card of both Legacy FC and Bellator. Though Meaux will be a tough out for Turcos, he will be favored to win. If he continues to increase both his competition and win totals, it will be when, not if he will be called up to the UFC. Meaux is only a few steps behind, a quality and statement win over Turcos will go a long way to increasing his stock and gaining him much respect.

5. Fists of Fury 11

The best fight of the night could be the co-main event featuring 5-0 Julian Leonard v 6-2 LaRue "the Cannibal" Burley. Many in MMA consider Leonard at 5-0 (12-0 if you include his amateur bouts) the real deal. He has shown that he is a tough fighter with the skill to finish his opponents and take the fight the distance if and when necessary. His ground game is as good as his striking ability and he is known to be quick to the attack.

Leonard's opponent, Burley, is the more experienced fighter. Burley has three career wins at Bellator and one in RFA. His only losses came in the WSOF cage to highly ranked fighters. Burley has finished his opponents in seven of his eight wins. More telling is that all of his opponents, except for one, had winning records at the time they fought Burley. This includes four undefeated fighters.

Given the propensity of these fighters to finish their opponents there is a slim chance this one goes the distance. Someone will get caught and finished quickly at some point so do not turn your head.

That's a wrap!

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