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CM Punk's first UFC opponent, Mickey Gall, admits he doesn't belong on UFC 203's poster

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Facing a superstar like C.M. Punk -- who will make his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut at UFC 203 this Saturday (Sept. 10, 2016) in Cleveland, Ohio -- has its benefits. Not only does his first-ever opponent, Mickey Gall, get pay-per-view (PPV) main card air time and his name mentioned at every interview, but the New Jersey native also gets his mug plastered all over an official Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event poster.

It’s something that’s not lost on Gall, who has just one UFC fight to his credit (two total in MMA), who admits he doesn’t quite belong on UFC promotional material so soon. Nonetheless, he is grateful to have been given the opportunity that many fellow fighters dream about, but never receive.

"It’s a big opportunity, man. There’s a lot of great MMA fighters who stay in obscurity and I’ve been given an opportunity to fight a superstar, " said Gall during a recent media scrum in Cleveland after the open workout session (watch video highlights here). "There’s a lot of eyes on the main card and I’m on the damn poster ... and it’s my second UFC fight! It’s crazy."

Gall describes his upcoming fight against Punk as a "high risk, high reward with a lot of upside" situation. That said, Gall doesn’t see himself as the underdog even though all the media attention is going Punk’s way for obvious reasons.

"I’m not the underdog and it doesn’t matter," said Gall. "He’s a superstar and I get that, so, I don’t know. It’s weird seeing myself on the poster. I don’t think I should be on the poster ... yet. I know I shouldn’t be. But, I’m happy that I am and I am going to make the most of it," expressed Gall, who didn’t lose sight of the fact that he’s fighting on a card that has plenty of long-time, famous veterans.

"I’m fighting after Jimmie Rivera and Urijah Faber -- it’s crazy -- you know what I mean? Let’s call a spade a spade. But, I am very happy with the opportunity and will make the most of it."

Should he get a win, Gall says he already has plans to call out another fighter. After all, said the young combatant, calling people out is what got him to the big show, so it’s a dance he will continue to do as long as it works.

If it ain’t broke ...

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