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Video: Georges St-Pierre explains why he lost the ability to finish fights

"Critics said I was fighting more to win instead of finishing the fight. And it's true. Towards the end I didn't have the same anger, I didn't have the same drive to hurt a guy and to finish it. It's a fact. I tried to get it back but it's very hard. I think the best way to get it back for me was to step out. Because it's more of an emotion thing. I was fighting more for winning instead of going through the guy. I needed to step out to let my hunger go up."

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who is contemplating a mixed martial arts (MMA) comeback later this year, appeared in "The Hurt Business" movie (more on that here) to explain why he lost the ability to finish fights. After BJ Penn threw in the towel at UFC 94, "Rush" went on to win his next seven fights -- all by way of decision. Will that change if and when he comes back? Time will tell...

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