Opinion: Anticipating the return of Georges St-Pierre

Esther Lin

Georges St-Pierre.

One of the most polarizing figures in the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). You either love the man or you hate him, there's no in between.. As someone who's firmly in the former group, I've never quite understood the dislike of this great champion. Some of the most exciting fights in UFC history have involved the former 170-pound titleholder, and he always did it with dignity and grace.

No shit talking for Georges.

Point fighter? Please explain this to me. He's known for taking guys down with perhaps the finest wrestling in the sport and beating the dog shit out of them. Is that boring? Is that point fighting? Ask Jon Fitch if Georges is a point fighter. Fitch's face looked like the spaghetti Hamburger Helper my ex-girlfriend "Big Country" used to serve me every week (one of the many reasons she's my ex).

Or how about the Hawaiian legend B.J. Penn? Their first fight with blood streaming down his face, Georges kept on coming, showing incredible heart to beat a prime time Hawaiian. Or the second fight, where he dominated Penn, forcing him to quit on his stool. Don't forget, this was at a time when "The Prodigy" was one of the best fighters in the world.

I must mention the Matt Serra fight, this was the fluke of all flukes. Of course you saw the rematch. Matt's ribs still hurt.

What about the shit-talking Josh Koscheck? He basically ended Koscheck's career that night. "Kos" was out for a year with a broken orbital, never again resembling his former self in the cage. GSP cracked that bone early and just kept going to the eye over and over.

It wasn't a boring fight to me.

Carlos Condit? Georges took him down and split his head wide open. By the end of the round, Condit's face was bleeding like a butchered pig. In a testament to his toughness and grit, he came back to head kick Georges so hard I thought his dome was going into the third row. Even with GSP clearly on Queer Street and wobbling around like a baby just learning to walk, he somehow survived. Not only did he survive, he ended up on top of Condit at round's end. Did I mention that was Georges first fight in 18 months? After major knee surgery?

A boring point fighter? Rien mon ami, seul un fou estime que.

There was the Jake Shields fight, but what was Georges to do? Shields eye poked him so many times GSP fought most of the fight with vision in just one eye. Try closing your eye and walking out to your car, imagine fighting five rounds like that.

Yes, I saw the Jonny Hendricks fight. GSP fought a geared-up monster who out-weighed him by 20 pounds ( or more) the night of the fight. Even though Georges took a beating, I still believe he won a razor-thin decision against a guy whose performance was obviously enhanced.

After that fight, even I felt it best that GSP retire, as the fire, his passion for the game, seemed to be snuffed out.

Enough time tripping, fast forward to 2016. The much anticipated comeback of Georges St-Pierre may finally be happening. With GSP enrolled in the USADA testing, his return looks to be a done deal. The big question now is who will Georges be fighting?

And what does he have left after such a long layoff?

The logical choice and a rematch I'd like to see, is Nick Diaz. Diaz was thoroughly beaten in their first go-round but there's still some unanswered questions. Why couldn't GSP finish him? Or as Nick stated between rounds, does Georges really hit like a bitch?

From a business standpoint, this fight would be huge, possibly one million pay-per-view (PPV) buys.

I would pay to see GSP handle this piece of unfinished business. I'd love to see Georges beat Diaz into a bloody pulp (not too difficult actually, a strong wind opens Diaz up).

We also have Tyron Woodley calling him out for a championship fight. The real reason for the call out is Woodley is terrified to fight Stephen Thompson. Should GSP fight for the strap right out of the gate? I don't believe so, title fights should be earned (don't tell that to Dan Henderson). Sorry about your luck Tyron, you just hold that belt for "Wonderboy" until he's ready to come get it.

I just read something about a B.J. Penn trilogy. This would be a good idea ... only if they have a time machine that can take "The Prodigy" back 10 years.

So the question remains: who will "Rush" fight in his comeback? You all know who I want, so let me ask you this Maniacs, who do you want to see GSP fight in his return?

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