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Miesha Tate to the rescue (again)! Former UFC champ carries young girl with broken arm down two-mile mountain

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Well if this doesn't get you in the feels, I don't know what will.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's Bantamweight champion is a role model to many young women who one day aspire to be professional fighters. But, to one particular six-year old, "Cupcake" is a real-life superhero. The girl, Kai, apparently broke her arm during a recent hike, which is when Tate and Co. stumbled upon the mother trying to carry her on her own down Mount Charleston in Nevada.

That's when Tate offered up her services to help the duo in need. Miesha told her tale via Facebook:

And earlier today (Sept. 5, 2016), Tate passed along a "thank you" video that Kai sent to her, as well as a message for any and all critics who think women lifting weights is "gross."

Warning: Your feels will be attacked, once again.

If you're surprised by Tate's superhero tactics, don't be.

In 2014, Tate also helped saved boyfriend Bryan Caraway's mother after she had an asthma attack during a boating trip in Mexico. When the asthma inhaler served no purpose since her mother-in-law's throat was swollen shut, Tate took a hit from the inhaler herself before administering CPR. And just like that, Tate helped save her life.

If you ask me, maybe Tate should have been lobbying for an audition for "Captain Marvel."

Just saying.

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