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Bellator MMA star wants to see cross-promotion bouts with UFC

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Bellator MMA Welterweight standout Michael Page just wants everybody to get along.

Speaking to Flo Combat, "Venom" voiced his opinion on wanting to see his employer shake hands with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in hopes of one day having cross-promotion bouts between two of the biggest organizations on the planet.

And though he will likely soon be able to face on of UFC ex-stars in Rory MacDonald, the sensational striker wants to see a lot of fights between the two promotions inside the cage.

"Friendly competition is good, and if the UFC and Bellator could somehow work together, and do joint bouts it would be incredible. It would bring me back to those WWE days. Man, it was immense, I remember watching those shows and that changed the game for them. If the UFC and Bellator could just shake hands and work together on a few things then it would be better for the fighters, better for the fans and better for everyone. That's that man--I'd be down with that."

UFC doesn’t exactly have a good track record when it comes to cross-promoting; as Dana White and Co. have often been more occupied with promoting their own company’s brand instead of the competition’s.

However, they are not completely opposed to it, as the company did allow of of its biggest stars fight in another organization as its representative back in 2003 when Chuck Liddell entered the 2003 PRIDE FC Middleweight Grand Prix tournament in Japan.

The event though, was not exactly cross-promotion, as it was strictly a PRIDE event. Liddell went on to lose in the second round of the tournament to Quinton Jackson after taking out Alistair Overeem in the first round.

Anyone think UFC will ever break down and co-promote with its biggest rival? Especially now that there are new owners at the helm?

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