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Gabriel Gonzaga will not fight for less than $100,000 after UFC embarrassed itself with Conor McGregor

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight No. 1 contender, Gabriel Gonzaga, is no longer under contract with the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion, having finished his current deal at UFC Fight Night 86 back in April.

And I get the feeling he won't be coming back.

Not unless UFC -- or any other MMA promotion interested in the Brazilian's services -- is willing to pony up $100,000, his minimum asking price for "risking his health" at age 37. Something he doesn't want to do for an industry that has embarrassed itself by evolving from sport to spectacle.

Gonzaga (17-11) talks to MMA Fighting:

"The UFC is more like a show than a fight sport now. [Conor] McGregor is the biggest example. I'm embarrassed to be in a sport where McGregor is the biggest idol. If you wouldn't like your son to be like the biggest idol in your sport, there's something wrong with it. And I don't believe anyone would like to have a son like McGregor."

MMA should try to have better role models, like football.

If I have a son, I hope he turns out just like McGregor, because "Notorious" is filthy rich (see the numbers here) and will be able to care for my decrepit ass when I'm old(er) and wrinkly(er). That said, Gonzaga does continue the longstanding dialogue about fighter pay.

So, let's start the bidding at $100,000!

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