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Disgruntled UFC champ Jose Aldo just got an invitation from Bellator MMA

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim featherweight champion Jose Aldo, disgusted with how the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization is partitioning its divisions, has demanded his release from the WME-IMG owned promotion.

Even if it means going to court.

While "Junior" insists he's done with combat sports, there are some fighters outside the UFC umbrella who aren't so sure. That includes featherweight smashing machine Patricio Freire, who sent this little invitation to his Brazilian counterpart on Wednesday night.

Goodbye UFC, hello Bellator MMA?

I'd watch.

The chances of UFC releasing Aldo to let him fight for the competition are currently idling on the corner or Slim & None, though "Junior" could always walk away from the fight game -- a la Georges St-Pierre -- and leave his contract frozen until further notice.

That, however, would be a crying shame when you consider how good Aldo was, is, and still can be.

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