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Jose Aldo demands UFC release, vows to retire from MMA to pursue other sports

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

If WWE superstar CM Punk can try his luck as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, then there’s no reason why UFC interim featherweight champion Jose Aldo can’t hang up his 4oz gloves and make a run at futbol soccer.

I’ve heard he’s pretty good at it, too.

But that would require Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White to grant “Junior” his unconditional release. Something that may not be as easy as it sounds when you consider this.

A disgruntled Aldo talks to Revista Combate (via MMA Fighting):

"If [White] likes me and my family, I just hope he releases me. I don’t want a fight. I want to leave as I came in. The UFC and WEC didn’t give me anything. Everything I conquered was my merit and from my team. Nobody gave me anything. I conquered everything. And I gave them a lot more than they gave me back. I just want them to release me from my contract. I’m not a whore to sell myself [for money]. I don’t even want to fight MMA. I want to follow a career in another sport. That’s what I want."

Might want to get that fancy-pants lawyer on the phone.

Aldo, 30, is clearly upset that Conor McGregor, who beat “Junior” for the 145-pound belt back in December, continues to dabble in higher weight classes while the rest of the featherweights (like this guy) sit around and twiddle their thumbs.

So much for Plan B.

The Brazilian shut down Frankie Edgar at UFC 200 and regained the interim title -- which was supposed to be defended post haste — only to learn the “Notorious” was still calling the shots.

Now Aldo appears to be calling some of his own, though some might call it “pussyitis.”

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