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'Disgusted' Dana White slams 'despicable' Roy Nelson for kicking ref John McCarthy - 'He needs to be buried'

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t the hardest kick, perhaps just a nudge, but Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is disgusted with Roy Nelson’s actions toward referee John McCarthy at UFC Fight Night 95 this past weekend (Sat., Sept. 24, 2016) in Brasilia, Brazil. "Big Country" was upset because "Big John" hesitated to put an end to the punishment he was inflicting on his friend Antonio Silva, giving him a small kick to the butt as the official was tending to "Bigfoot" moments after he waived off the Heavyweight showdown (watch it again here).

An irate White told the "UFC Unfiltered" Podcast (via MMA Fighting) that what Nelson did is downright inexcusable.

"You can’t apologize for that," White said. "You don’t ever, ever put your fucking hands on a referee, or your feet, for any reason whatso-fucking ever. You don’t do it. He needs to be buried! He went over there and he put his foot on his ass to like push him over, you know what I mean? Was flipping him off, yelling whatever. You wanna flip a ref off, there is never, ever a situation where you put your fucking hands on a referee. Ever. You can’t apologize for that."

In his defense, Nelson said he saw no reason to keep hitting Silva, as he was completely out and doing so would only look bad, kind of like a "cop beating someone up." But, White says in the fight game it’s the referee’s duty -- not the fighter -- to put an end to the bout

"This guy is the fucking judge of when a fight should or shouldn’t be stopped? You’re a fighter, you go until the referee tells you to stop. John McCarthy is very qualified in what he does, he’s been here a lot longer than fucking Roy Nelson has been," he said.

"And for Roy Nelson to go over and put his fucking hands on a referee, it can’t happen. It can never happen. But, John is sitting there on his knees, tending to Bigfoot, and you come up behind him and fucking kick him? It’s despicable, it’s disgusting, it can never fucking happen, ever again," concluded White.

Brazil’s Superior Justice Court of Sport, which often works in conjunction with Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA), has opened up an investigation into the matter and will likely decide if any punishment will be levied against the bearded brawler. White, meanwhile, will wait to see how they handle it before deciding what action — if any -- UFC will take against Nelson, saying that if CABMMA doesn’t come down hard, it won’t be good.

Regardless, there is precedent, meaning that Nelson’s UFC future could appear bleak based on past instances.

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