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UFC lightweight Will Brooks has no respect for ‘arrogant’ Michael Johnson, eyes future showdown

Sean Porkorny-USA TODAY Sports

After Michael Johnson knocked out Dustin Poirier in the very first round, "Menace" proceeded to stand over his fallen foe and yell at him in the main event of UFC Fight Night 94 (full video highlights here).

Granted, Johnson later apologized for his actions on national television, admitting his emotions got the better of him after the two combatants got into a heated confrontation at the pre-fight weigh in event, one which saw "Diamond" push Johnson’s head.

Nevertheless, Johnson’s actions caught the attention of fellow UFC lightweight Will Brooks -- Poirier's American Top Team (ATT) teammate -- and put "Menace" on notice that he wants a piece of the "arrogant" striker down the line.

"Ill" laid down the gauntlet on a recent appearance on The MMA Hour:

"Yeah I was fired up. It sucks to see a teammate lose and in that fashion. You never want to see a teammate lose. Look, you win a fight, this is the fight business, the fight game is unforgiving at times, you will win and you will lose. Michael Johnson won and good for him; but the way he carried himself after winning by standing over Dustin and cussing him out the way he did, I feel like you never do that as a man. You always respect the other man because that guy that you just beat, he came into the gym everyday and made sacrifices, put in the time to deserve your respect and he showed up that day, stood across the cage from you and battled with you. For you to stand over him and talk to him the way you was talking, that is disrespectful. As a man, I can’t respect that. So yeah, he’s on my radar. I have come across him on other occasions and he seems like a real arrogant person and I don’t like his demeanor or his attitude. And what he did in the cage just put me over the top. So yeah. After this fight I definitely will be looking for Michael Johnson. And I will make that clear as day to everyone every chance I get."

Brooks, though, first has to get through Alex Oliveira, who he will meet in the center of the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 96 (details here), which goes down this Saturday (Oct. 1, 2016) in Portland, Oregon.

Should he get the win, the former Bellator MMA Lightweight champion wants his chance to not only avenge his teammates loss, but teach Johnson some respect in the process.

"Menace," though, has a different type of revenge on his mind.

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