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Lockhart: Commission allowed Cris Cyborg to be half pound over for Lina Lansberg fight

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Cristiane Justino stepping into the cage to face Lina Lansberg in the headlining bout of last weekend’s (Sat., Sept. 24, 2016) UFC Fight Night 95 event in Brasilia, Brazil, the big story was the fearsome striker’s "scary" cut down to 141 pounds.

While she managed to shed close to 25 pounds in just four days, a picture surfaced (see it here) proving that her actual weight during weigh ins was 141.6, which means she didn’t actually hit her mark, which also means she should have coughed up some coin over to her opponent.

But according to renowned nutritionist George Lockhart, who helped "Cyborg" make the excruciating cut down, the Brazilian Athletic Commission actually allowed Justino to go over, though no reason as to why was ever given.

He broke it down during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour:

"From my understanding with the commission, that was allowed. God’s honest truth, man, I’m going to get you down like any UFC fighter I work with knows, they are going to be 146 on the dot, 156 on the dot and I am not going to make you cut anymore weight that is absolutely necessary. That’s exactly what we needed so that’s exactly what we got her down to. That was up to the commission, I believe. I think you get a variable in there and a lot of people don’t know this, when you step on the scales a digital scale, especially in the US, it only goes by .5. So if you are 171.2, it rounds down to 171. If you are 171.3 then it rounds up. A lot of people don’t know that."

I don't think Lansberg will be to thrilled to hear that.

According to Lockhart, "Cyborg" weighed in at 170 pounds on fight night, which means the Invicta FC featherweight champion packed on 30 pounds in just 24 hours.

Justino went on to defeat a game Lansberg in the second round (video replay here), giving her an undefeated record (2-0) inside the Octagon and her seventeenth straight win overall.

As for what’s next for Cyborg, she is currently on vacation, but if UFC matchmakers want to keep seeing her partake in fights at 140 pounds, they need to come correct with top 10 opponents next time around.

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