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Coach: No excuses -- but 'Cyborg' weighed 170 pounds during Lina Lansberg fight

Coach and former UFC fighter Akira Corassani with the revelation:

"Everybody has a plan before they get hit" Acceptance: With zero excuses and pure admiration for @linalansberg the obvious conclusion is... Cyborg is just a better fighter, too strong, too heavy possesses power that can put any woman or man to sleep. To accept that as a team is very hard trying to figure out what we could've done differently. We turned every stone in this weird and crazy camp doing over 100 interviews along with one month before the fight traveling to Brazil for a two day promo shoot. We did what we had to do but we fought the last boss with no "insert coin" option! The home country crowd wanted Lina dead covering Tag team's song "Whoomp there it is" as she was walking in smiling! To make a long story longer... Lina had a chat with Cyborg where she mentioned that she walked into the cage at 170 lbs (77 kg). Now that means TWO weight classes up along with that additional skill level. What can get harder doing all this in you UFC debut!? I know she will be back and show what she is about but what she did taking this fight believing in herself is admirable! Fighters should ask themselves if they would do it? Forget about the average joe getting anxiety and jitters from singing at a half-empty karaoke bar! This woman should be praised. I am her biggest fan and will make sure she bounces back! I wanna thank the REAL fans for their support and all the friends and family supporting her through this. She will be back! #TheWomanInTheArena

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So she went from 165 to 141 to 170 in the span of five days. Sounds healthy!

That said, I'm sure Lina Lansberg did her fair share of rehydrating after the UFC Fight Night 95 weigh ins and stepped into the cage much heavier than the 140-pound catchweight mark. Not that it mattered, as "Cyborg" took her to the woodshed midway through the second round of their Brazilian bash on FOX Sports 1 (highlights here). I blame the Brazilian loophole, which is sort of like the Canadian loophole in that you just ignore the decimals.

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