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UFC 204: Michael Bisping predicts third-round knockout of Dan Henderson in Manchester

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Not only does Michael Bisping want to get sweet revenge on Dan Henderson, he wants to do it in impressive fashion when the two collide for a second time in the main event of UFC 204 on Oct. 8, 2016 from inside Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Speaking to Independent, "The Count" says he plans on using his speed advantage, stick to the basics and eventually clip "Hendo" with a perfectly-timed punch to put him to sleep in round number three.

He breaks it down:

"With Dan Henderson, everybody knows you don't even need to do research to know that it's his right hand. Dan Henderson has a heavy left and right hand. I, of course, found out at UFC 100. And I've got to watch that right hand. It's simple as that. I respect Dan Henderson. I've got the speed advantage. Saying that, I had the speed advantage last time but he caught me. So I've got to be careful and stick to the basics. If I do the basics well, I win the fight. Keep my chin tucked in, keep my guard high and deliver fast powerful shots. I think as the fight progresses; I will wear him down then I will look for the finish in round three."

Henderson initially defeated "The Count" back at UFC 100, taking him out via devastating knockout. It’s a defeat that has haunted Bisping throughout his career.

Both men’s careers have taken different paths since then, but Bisping can find solace in the fact that he has since become the Middleweight champion, the one belt that has eluded Henderson throughout his career.

This will be his final chance to earn it, as "Hendo" has proclaimed he will retire after his rematch with the British brawler, win, lose or draw.

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