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UFC Fight Night 95 live results stream, 'Cyborg vs. Lansberg' play-by-play updates

The intense Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) schedule continues tonight (Sat., Sept. 24, 2016) as the promotion touches down for UFC Fight Night 95: "Cyborg vs. Lansberg" in Brasilia, Brazil, live on FOX Sports 1 from Ginasio Nilson Nelson arena. UFC's latest and greatest Brazilian card will feature a 140-pound catchweight match up between knockout artist Cris Cyborg and Swedish newcomer Lina Lansberg, who will be making her Octagon debut. Also, Renan Barao will make another appearance at featherweight opposite the ultra-talented Phillipe Nover, while  Roy Nelson will lock horns with Antonio Silva in a heavyweight match up destined to produce a knockout finish. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 95 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. ET, and then the remaining undercard balance on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 10 p.m. ET, also on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following "Cyborg vs. Lansberg."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 95 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Cris Cyborg vs. Lina Lansberg -- Cyborg def. Lansberg via TKO (punches) at 2:29 of Round Two
Renan Barao vs. Phillipe Nover -- Barao def. Nover via unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Roy Nelson vs. Antonio Silva -- Nelson def. Silva via KO (punches) at 4:10 of Round Two
Francisco Trinaldo vs. Paul Felder -- Trinaldo def. Felder via TKO (cut) at 2:25 of Round Three
Thiago Santos vs. Eric Spicely -- Spicely def. Santos via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:58 of Round One
Godofredo Pepey vs. Mike De La Torre -- Pepey def. De La Torre via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:03 of Round One
Gilbert Burns vs. Michel Prazeres -- Prazeres def. Burns via unanimous decision (30-27 X3)

Rani Yahya vs. Michinori Tanaka -- Yahya def. Tanaka via unanimous decision (29-28 X3)
Jussier Formiga vs. Dustin Ortiz -- Formiga def. Ortiz via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-27, 29-28)
Erick Silva vs. Luan Chagas -- Silva def. Chagas via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:57 of Round 3
Alan Patrick vs. Stevie Ray -- Patrick def. Ray via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Vincente Luque vs. Hector Urbina -- Luque def. Urbina via KO (punch) at 1:00 of Round 1
Glaico Franca vs. Gregor Gillespie -- Gillespie def. Franca via unanimous decision (29-27 X3)


140 lbs.: Cris Cyborg vs. Lina Lansberg

Round 1: Cyborg advancing. They tie up and Cyborg looks for dirty boxing. Knees to the body. Solid shots by Cyborg. One minute in. Cyborg continues to land knees to the midsection. Lansberg lands an elbow. Cyborg separates and uncorks some nasty punches before clinching up again. Two minutes in. Lansberg getting out-muscled in the clinch. Cyborg cracks her with right hands, then more knees. Mario Yamasaki separates them. Two minutes to go.

Lansberg steps back into the clinch. Cyborg heaves her into the fence and goes back to the knees. Cyborg changes levels and takes Lansberg down into side control, then immediately moves to mount. Heavy shots from Cyborg. One minute to go. Lansberg regains half guard and manages to stand. More knees by the Brazilian. Big punches by Cyborg. All Cyborg thus far. 10-9, almost a 10-8 for her.


Round 2: Cyborg back on the advance. Big 1-2 by Cyborg, then some punches and vicious body kicks. More punches, more kicks. She steps back into the clinch and presses Lansberg against the fence. Lansberg reverses position, looking for elbows. Double underhooks for Cyborg, who hits a throw into side control. One minute in. Hard right hands by Cyborg. Lansberg regains guard, so Cyborg just punches her from there instead. Elbows now from Cyborg. Lansberg's face is a bloody mess. Two minutes in. Cyborg continues to punish Lansberg and Mario Yamasaki steps in.

Final result: Cyborg def. Lansberg by TKO (punches)


145 lbs.: Renan Barao vs. Phillipe Nover

Round 1: Low kick from Barao lands near the groin. Low kick from Barao answered by a right hand. One minute in. They continue to exchange at range, though not with much intensity. Combination by Barao. Barao lands a combo, gets knocked off-balance by a check hook. Two minutes in. Jab by Nover. Two minutes to go.

Barao tries to flurry, falls short. Leg kick lands for him. Counter hook connects. Nover again sticks his jab in Barao's face. Barao comes back with a low kick. Nice left uppercut by the Brazilian. One minute to go. Quick exchange in the center. Barao lands a body kick before the bell. 10-9 Barao.


Round 2: Barao connects on a 2-3 early. Jab exchange. Barao low kick. Spinning back kick grazes Nover's face. One minute in. Front kick by the Brazilian, who seems to have found his groove. Left hook lands at the end of a combination. Flying knee from Barao and a left hook behind it. Counter leg kick. Two minutes in. Nover not offering much at the moment. Body kick from him blocked. Barao still controlling the combinations. More low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Nover low kick, Barao answers in kind. Good exchange near the fence. Nover looks for a head kick. One minute to go. Barao hits an easy takedown in the last few seconds. 10-9 Barao.


Round 3: Left hook from Nover, leg kick from Barao. Counter right lands for Barao off a low kick. One minute in. Barao ties up and hits an inside trip on the fence. Nover looks for elbows. Nover makes space and manages to stand. Two minutes in. Counter right by Barao as Nover steps in. Barao ties up and lands a knee to the body. Two minutes to go.

Nover pressuring a bit more, lands an elbow when Barao clinches. Glancing overhand right and left hook by the Brazilian. Barao looks for a takedown, Nover counters with the whizzer. Barao slips to the rear waistlock before the bell. 10-9 Barao.

Final result: Barao def. Nover by unanimous decision


265 lbs.: Roy Nelson vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1: Nelson on the front foot, eats a body kick. Nelson prods him with the left, takes a leg kick. Counter right from Silva. Leg kick trips Nelson up. One minute in. Body kick by Bigfoot. Bigfoot ducks an overhand right. Two minutes in. Double right hand from Nelson. Nelson pops him with another right hand. Nelson backs him to the fence and lands a pair of stinging rights. Two minutes to go.

Straight left from Silva after eating a body kick. Silva with a flurry on the fence. Another right by Nelson. Nelson shoots and grabs the rear waistlock. Silva grabbing the fence, turns to face him. One minute to go. Nelson still pressing him against the fence. Nelson lands a couple to the body when Bigfoot looks for the Thai plum. They separate before the bell. 10-9 Nelson.


Round 2: Leg kick from Silva, counter right by Nelson. Bigfoot with some body kicks. Both men falling short at the moment. One minute to go. Another leg kick by Silva. Bigfoot ducks a right and lands one of his own. Two rights from Nelson. Silva low kick hits groin. Bigfoot comes out throwing on the reset and shoots in. Two minutes in. Silva pressing him against the cage. Nelson reverses and separates. Uppercut from Nelson. Lead right by Nelson this time. Bigfoot just not doing enough at the moment. He changes levels, denied. Two minutes to go.

Another straight right from Nelson as Bigfoot tries a knee. Yet another right hand. Bigfoot body kick. One minute to go. Bigfoot throws a naked low kick and Nelson rocks his world with a counter uppercut. Nelson stands over him and slams home right hands until the Brazilian goes to sleep. Nelson's not happy with how long John McCarthy let it go.

Final result: Nelson def. Silva by KO (punches)


155 lbs.: Francisco Trinaldo vs. Paul Felder

Round 1: Trinaldo moving quite a bit in the early going. Felder sticking out his jab, lands a low kick. Body kick lands for him. One minute in. Trinaldo with a body kick in return, Felder comes back with another. Quick punching exchange. Felder pops him with a jab, eats body kicks and tries a spinning back fist. Nice exchange. Overhand left by Trinaldo. Again, then to the body. Felder ties up on the fence. Trinaldo reverses position with a knee. He changes levels, nothing there. More knees from the Brazilian. Two minutes to go.

Felder lands a knee and they trade elbows. They separate and Felder ties up. Again Trinaldo reverses him. One minute to go. They continue jockeying for position, then separate. They exchange until the bell. 10-9 Trinaldo.


Round 2: Both men open with kicks. Body kick from Trinaldo. Felder low kick and knee. Trinaldo lands a lead left hand. Nice trade near the fence. One minute in. Trinaldo bleeding from below his left eye. Felder lands another inside leg kick.  Body kick lands, Trinaldo steps into the clinch and hits a takedown into guard. Two minutes in. Felder with a closed guard, keeping Trinaldo tight to him. Two minutes to go.

Felder's now cut as well above his right eye. Trinaldo passes to half guard. Felder tries to turn into him and Trinaldo threatens a guillotine until he goes back to his back. Good ground-and-pound by the Brazilian. Felder works his way to his feet. Trinaldo has the rear waistlock, Felder turns into him. He exits with a spinning elbow. 10-9 Trinaldo.


Round 3: Trinaldo still moving quite a bit. Felder fires a body kick and eats a left hand. Left high kick from the Brazilian. Felder digs a right downstairs. One minute in. Straight left snaps Felder's head back. Felder falls short with a wheel kick. Trinaldo head kick blocked. Another left from Trinaldo, Felder answers with a knee. Trinaldo lands a left and Felder carts him to the fence, where the Brazilian reverses. Felder's cut is massive now, pouring blood into his right eye. It's just too big a mess and the referee calls it.

Final result: Trinaldo def. Felder by TKO (cut)


185 lbs.: Thiago Santos vs. Eric Spicely

Round 1: Spicely immediately looking for takedowns. Santos defends and lands in top position. Spicely using lockdown half guard. He regains full guard and looks for a gogoplata. Santos looks to stand and Spicely transitions to an omoplata. Santos manages to stand and yank his arm free. One minute in. Body kick by Santos. Spicely shoots again and hits an outside trip. Half guard for Spicely. Two minutes in. Spicely looking to set up a keylock, now tries to mount. Santos denies it. Back to the Kimura. Santos gets to his knees, but Spicely spins to his back as the Brazilian stands. Spicely locks up the choke and the second-biggest favorite on the card is forced to tap.

Final result: Spicely def. Santos by submission (rear-naked choke)


145 lbs.: Godofredo Pepey vs. Mike De La Torre

Round 1: Pepey opens with a wheel kick that rocks De La Torre. He follows up with solid punches and grabs the rear waistlock. De La Torre lands in top position and they stand, continuing to trade. Big punches from both men. Left hooks by both men. One minute in. Pepey tries a flying knee and walks into a right hand. Pepey comes back with huge punches that nearly take De La Torre's legs out. Savage right hands by the Brazilian. De La Torre stuffs a takedown, still rocked. Pepey manages to take his back, two minutes in. Full body triangle for Pepey, working for the choke. De La Torre goes to his knees, still handfighting. Pepey works it under the chin, De La Torre breaks his grip. Pepey readjusts and this time earns the tap.

Final result: Pepey def. De La Torre by submission (rear-naked choke)


158 lbs.: Gilbert Burns vs. Michel Prazeres

Round 1: Burns with a quick leg kick but Prazeres catches his leg and knocks him down. Powerful right by Prazeres as Burns already backing up. Octagon control by Prazeres. Burns circling away then launches a counter right hook that drops Prazeres. Brief exchange on the ground before the action goes back to the feet. Burns moving around the outside as Prazeres looks to load up. Low blow landed by Burns and the action is momentarily stopped. Just over three minutes to go. Leg kick by Burns. Counter by Prazeres. Leg kick by Prazeres as Burns lands inside along the cage. Missed hook by Burns but follows it up with knee to the body. Two minutes remaining. Body shot by Prazeres followed by an overhand right by Burns. Combinations inside by Prazeres as Burns backs up. Leg kick landed by Prazeres. Another counter by Prazeres as Burns throws a leg kick. Takedown by Prazeres but he lets Burns stand up. Under one minute left. Head kick missed by Burns and Prazeres returns fire. 10-9 Prazeres.

Round 2: Leg kicked landed by Prazeres. Burns rushes in with strikes but unsuccessful. Flying knee missed by Burns as Prazeres returns with heavy left hook. Leg kick landed again by Prazeres. Another low blow on Prazeres stops the action. Just under four minutes to go. Kick caught by Prazeres and secures a takedown. Doesn't engage. Action remains on the feet. Another powerful lead leg kick by Prazeres. Burns circling around the outside and shoots in for a takedown. Doesn't secure it but lands a knee in the process. Under three minutes to go. Flying knee landed by Burns followed by an inside leg kick. Checked kick by Burns. Prazeres slowing down. Body kick by Burns but it's caught by Prazeres. Lunging left hook missed by Burns. Takedown attempt stuffed by Prazeres who grabs a hold of the neck and pushes off. One minute remaining. Straight left land by Prazeres. Counter left hook landed by Burns. Prazeres catches another body shot and lands a sharp leg kick. Inside leg kick by Prazeres. 10-9 Burns.

Round 3: Both men hug to begin the round. Prazeres lands combo against the cage. Leg kick landed by Prazeres. Right hand finds a home by Prazeres who follows it with a body shot. Burns falls down and Prazeres follows into top control. Prazeres complains that Burns is grabbing his gloves as he lands vicious ground-and-pound. Under four minutes remaining. Prazeres lets Burns back to the feet. Another leg kick by Prazeres. Burns looks out of it. Body kick by Prazeres. Overhand right by Prazeres misses. Another body rip by Prazeres. Missed knee upstairs by Burns. Prazeres lands multiple leg kicks. Just over two minutes remaining. Missed combination along the cage by Prazeres. Burns backing up. Prazeres remains active and unloading from the center of the cage. Flying knee slightly lands for Burns. Just over one minute left. Head kick missed by Burns but then lands a body shot. Burns lands a right hand and wants to exchange. Both men going at it. Prazeres against the cage. Burns unloading but Prazeres lands a crucial takedown to end the round. 10-9 Prazeres.

Final result: Prazeres def. Burns via unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Rani Yahya vs. Michinori Tanaka

Round 1: Yahya takes the center of the cage and unleashes a vicious leg kick. Tanaka responds with a good combo. Body kick by Yahya. Tanaka goes for a kick of his own but Yahya knocks him off balance and gets in top control. The Brazilian move to side control and attempts a nasty arm triangle choke. Tanaka trying to defend but Yahya has a death grip. Under three minutes to go and Yahya still has the submission attempt. Tanaka continues to defend and finally wiggles out. Yahya still on top control and again switches to the side. Tanaka explodes up and gets back to his feet to then secure his own takedown. Half guard for Tanaka. Yahya looking for the sweep. Strong top game by Tanaka as Yahya grabs a holds of the back of his neck. One minute to go. Zero offense being landed by the Japanese fighter. Yahya remains in control off his back as the first round comes to an end. 10-9 Yahya.

Round 2: Jab landed by Tanaka. Yahya goes to return a kick but lands downstairs. Short break but Tanaka is okay. Combination inside by Tanaka who ties up with Yahya. Tanaka looks for a Judo throw but the Brazilian maintains a body lock and ends up on his back. The action goes back to the feet but Yahya continues to pressure along the cage. The two scramble and Yahya ends up in side control. Under three minutes to go. Short hands landed by Yahya who then takes Tanaka's back after the Japanese fighter looks to stand. Tanaka does eventually get back to his feet, but Yahya holds onto his waist. Two minutes left. The two men fall to the ground as Tanaka has a hold of Yahya's neck but Yahya has a hold of his body. Under one minute remaining. Yahya secures a takedown, but Tanaka quickly back to his feet. Tanaka lands another Judo thrown but the Brazilian again sticks to his back. Tanaka transitions and gets in top control to end the round. 10-9 Yahya.

Round 3: Another inside exchange to begin the round, the two fall to the ground and Yahya gains back control. Tanaka reverses and gains top control but the Brazilian continues to threaten off his back. Short punches landed to the body by Tanaka, who may need a finish to win the fight. Good defense by Yahya from the bottom. Tanaka landing a few hammer fists before the referee stands it up. Three minutes remaining. Tanaka  clinches along the cage, gets the sweep and gets back in top control. Yahya looking for an arm bar and then a triangle, but Tanaka too strong on top. Tanaka lands some punches in crucifix position as Yahya has his arms tied up. The Brazilian is looking to turn over and he does just that. Just over one minute remaining. Tanaka looking to get back to his feet but Yahya drags him back down. After a failed Judo throw by Tanaka, Yahya maintains his hold of the body and pushes the action against the cage. Tanaka is able to gain top control on the ground and land some punches as the round closes out but it's too little too late. 10-9 Yahya.

Final result: Yahya def. Tanaka via unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Jussier Formiga vs. Dustin Ortiz

Round 1: Ortiz comes out with the pressure and lands a body shot. Formiga sticking to the center of the Octagon and lands a big takedown. Half guard for the Brazilian. Formiga moves into side control as Ortiz looks to shimmy loose. Ortiz temporarily wiggles free but Formiga gets back into half guard. Short elbows for Ortiz off his back. Formiga looking to move back to mount. but he settles for side control. Zero strikes landed by the Brazilian but he's working. Just under three minutes to go. Shoulder pressure by Formiga as Ortiz reverses and takes full guard. Ortiz landing short shots from top control. Quick arm bar attempt by Formiga but Ortiz powers through it. Heavy top control by Ortiz but he isn't able to land much offense. Under two minutes to go. Formiga controlling the right arm of Ortiz. Ortiz goes to step over but gets stuffed. Action remains in full guard. One minute left. Neck and hip control by Formiga, as Ortiz struggles to separate. Minimal ground-and-pound by Ortiz as the first round comes to a close. 10-9 Ortiz.

Round 2: Body kick by Ortiz as the two tie up. Action separated. Ortiz lunging inside with haymakers before Formiga secures a quick takedown. Half guard for the Brazilian. Ortiz landing short shots to the body from the bottom. Formiga putting pressure on Ortiz's neck and head as he swiftly transitions to full mount. Ortiz spins over and gives up his back. Formiga controlling the hands and looking to set up the choke. Ortiz defending for the moment but Formiga turns him over again and sinks in the hooks. Wrist control by Ortiz as he looks to explode into full guard. Formiga still has back control as he chips away and looks to sink in an arm. Under two minutes to go. Ortiz grabs Formiga's foot and loosens up the body lock. Formiga regains position and continues to threaten from behind. One minute left in the round. Ortiz landing short shots behind his head. Formiga goes to sink in the choke but Ortiz defends well. 10-9 Formiga.

Round 3: Leg kick by Ortiz. Missed combination by Ortiz as Formiga lands a short body kick. Leg kick by Formiga. Spinning back kick avoided by Ortiz. The two tie up. Body shots landed inside by Ortiz. Formiga returns a knee. Short left hook landed by Ortiz as Formiga finds his own combination. Just over three minutes left in the round. Lunging left hand by Ortiz that allows Formiga to lock up the body. Formiga switches to back control and drags Ortiz to the canvas. Hooks in for Formiga. Ortiz again needing to defend the choke. Two minutes remaining. Formiga going lower on his submission attempt. Wrist control by Ortiz. Body lock remains tight as Formiga continues to attack the hands and tries to soften Ortiz up. Ortiz now belly down. Formiga almost sinks in the submission but Ortiz shakes his finger to say no. Ortiz wiggles out and ends up in top control for a few seconds before the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Formiga.

Final result: Formiga def. Ortiz via unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Erick Silva vs. Luan Chagas

Round 1: Silva comes out tentative. Whips a quick jab. Blocked by Chagas. Chagas lands a leg kick and misses on a jab. Rough body kick by Silva. Chagas returns with his own body kick. Another kick to the side by Silva after Chagas switched to southpaw. Octagon control by Silva. Just over three minutes to go. Heavy inside leg kick by Silva but Chagas returns with a left hook that knocks Silva to the canvas. Silva regroups and gets back to his feet. Chagas pushing Silva's back up against the cage. Knee inside by Chagas and the two break. Two minutes left in the round. Silva lands another leg kick but Chagas counters with  combinations inside. Body punch by Silva. Left hook landed by Silva but Chagas returns with a powerful knee. Chagas' body is battered and red. Under one minute to go. Chagas missed high kick. Silva presses forward and avoids a takedown. Chagas then misses a kick and Silva lands a knockdown blow. Heavy ground-and-pound by Silva as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2: Chagas comes out aggressive and accidentally lands a low blow. Silva wants to get right back into it. A leg kick landed inside by Silva, but Chagas transitions it to a takedown. Silva reverses position and ends up in full guard. Chagas threatens with a leg lock but Silva keeps his composure and wings punches from the standing position. Silva jumps back on top and plugs away with a hard right hand. Just over three minutes left. Silva moves to half guard before taking the back of Chagas. Chagas rolls forward and gets back to his feet. Combination landed by Chagas and sends Silva to the canvas. Chagas in top control. Heavy elbows landed by Chagas before he moves to back control and looks for a choke. Chagas then postures up and lands more ground-and-pound. Half guard for Chagas. Just over one minute remaining. Chagas moves to full mount and attempts an arm bar. Silva pulls out and gets himself into full guard. Tired shots by Silva as Chagas turns over. Silva takes his back and threatens a rear naked choke as the round closes out. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3: Slow start to the round. Jab landed by Silva. Chagas with his hands down. Winging overhand right missed by Silva but he then lands a heavy body kick. Chagas working on a single but Silva threatens with a guillotine. Chagas pushes the action against the cage. One minute off the clock. The two are separated. Chagas coming forward with lazy combinations. Spinning back fist missed by Chagas. Silva remaining patient. Under three minutes left. Silva opening up and landing straight shots. Heavy breathing by Chagas. High kick landed by Silva followed by a sharp combination. Two minutes remaining. Chagas lands a heavy hook and staggers Silva. Chagas then lands a knee but Silva regains his composure. Big uppercut and right hook landed by Silva, but Chagas returns with a left hook. Chagas looks for a double, Silva steps over, jumps on his back and sinks in a rear-naked choke to earn the submission finish.

Final result: Silva def. Chagas via third-round submission (rear-naked choke)

155 lbs.: Alan Patrick vs. Stevie Ray

Round 1: Patrick shoots for a quick takedown and secures it along the cage. Ray gets back to his feet, but the Brazilian secures another takedown. Patrick continues to pressure and goes to secure another takedown, but Ray falls into half guard. Ray then threatens with a deep arm bar as Patrick lifts him up and holds him there. Just over three minutes to go. Ray lets go of the arm bar attempt and Patrick pushes him against the cage. Patrick pushes Ray to the ground and ends in half guard. Just over two minutes to go. Closed guard for Ray as Patrick tries to land some elbows over the top. Patrick lands a hammer fist as he passes to half guard. The Brazilian tries to push his left leg free but Ray defends nicely. Just over one minute to go. Ray bounces Patrick off and gets back to full guard. Not much offense from top control as the first round comes to an end. 10-9 Patrick.

Round 2: Left hand and a right hook to start the round for Patrick. Ray tries to defend another takedown but Patrick gets him to the ground. Half guard for the Brazilian. Patrick jockeying for position as he maintains control and makes Ray work off his back. Three minutes left in the round with little ground-and-pound being landed by Patrick. Ray tries to get up and ends back in full guard. As Ray turns over and attempts to get back up, Patrick grabs a hold of his back. Action ends back in full guard in favor of Patrick. Referee Mario Yamasaki stands the action up after stagnant exchanges. Patrick backing up before shooting for a takedown, Ray reverses and takes his back. Hooks in for Ray as he secures the body lock. Right hands being landed by Ray. Under 30 seconds left. Patrick unable to do much as the second frame comes to an end. 10-9 Patrick.

Round 3: Ray presses forward but doesn't unload strikes. Patrick returns with an uppercut to a straight left and then secures a takedown. The Brazilian in back control as Ray grabs a hold of a knee. Patrick back to full guard. Just over three minutes left. Short elbows to the sternum landed by Patrick. Ray not doing much to transition to his feet. Patrick lands rabbit punches and overhand rights as Ray stays pushed up against the cage. Action remains in full guard. Ray looking for a kimura attempt but Patrick staying heavy in top control. Under two minutes left. Patrick now threatens with a kimura attempt as Ray's head is caught behind the Brazilian's back. Patrick taking his time as Ray looking to get the action stood up. Under one minute to go. Patrick still looking for the submission attempt but not doing much to stretch it out. Ray holds on but another dominant frame for the Brazilian. 10-9 Patrick.

Final result: Patrick def. Ray via unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Vincente Luque vs. Hector Urbina

Round 1: Urbina comes out with a high kick and Luque lands a huge left hand. Urbina secures a short takedown as Luque gets back to his feet. Urbina lands stiff jab as Luque throwing heavy in the pocket. Luque presses forward and lands relentless hooks and uppercuts before sleeping Urbina with an overhand right along the cage.

Final result: Luque def. Urbina via first-round KO

155 lbs.: Glaico Franca vs. Gregor Gillespie

Round 1: Franca comes out aggressive with early pressure. Gillespie shoots for a tekdown but it's stuffed by Franca who follows up with a right hand. Another takedown attempt by Gillespie defended. Gillespie lands a big left hand then attempts another takedown and puts Franco against the cage. Good elbows by Franca inside. Just over three minutes to go. Gillespie finally secures a takedown, but Franca returns to his feet quickly. Gillespie keeps Franca pinned to the cage as the half-way mark of Round 1 passes. More powerful elbows by Franca. Gillespie takes the Brazilian's back and again drags him to the canvas. Gillespie softening up Franca from back control with elbows and short strikes. Franca turns over and escapes out the back door. Under one minute to go. Franca looking heavy on his feet after the grappling exchanges. Good jab landed by Gillespie, who then secures another takedown to end the first frame. 10-9 Gillespie.

Round 2: Franca comes out with forward movement as Gillespie sits back and threatens to change levels. Gillespie gets inside with a jab-hook-cross combination, but then Franca lands a powerful right hand followed by a jumping knee to the body. Gillespie recovers and secures another takedown. One minute off the clock. Gillespie works from half guard, but lets Franca slip out and return to his feet. Forward combos by Gillespie as Franca looks tired and flat-footed. Good jab landed by Gillespie as Franca returns with a overhand right. Gillespie pushes the action along the cage again and softens the Brazilian up. Franca defends the takedown and turns away from the cage. Both fighters again tie up along the cage as Gillespie works for another takedown. Under two minutes to go. Elbows to the head by Franca as Gillespie works for back control before securing another takedown to gain side mount. Gillespie catches his breath and proceeds to land some solid ground-and-pound. One minute left. Franca offering little defense off his back. Short elbows from the top by Gillespie. The crowd begins to boo as Gillespie lands even more short punches to end the round. 10-9 Gillespie.

Round 3: Gillespie comes out firing with straight strikes then pushes Franca back up against the cage, sapping the Brazilian's energy. Short shots landed to the side of Gillespie's head by Franca. Gillespie unable to secure a takedown but remains in control against the cage. Franca briefly threatens with a key lock as he sprawls to defend the takedown. Gillespie works for another takedown and tucks his chin into Franca's chest. Just over three minutes to go. Gillespie passes over to half guard as Franca struggles off his back. After brief ground-and-pound, Gillespie moves over to full mount. Sharp elbow landed by Gillespie. Franca pushes down on Gillespie's leg and gets back to half guard before nearly regaining his footing. Gillespie drags the action back to the canvas. A few short strikes landed by Gillespie to Franca's ear. Just over one minute to go. Heavy top game by Gillespie who still commands full mount. Powerful strikes landed by Gillespie after posturing up. Gillespie rides Franca's back before as the third round comes to an end. 10-9 Gillespie.

Final result: Gillespie def. Franca via unanimous decision

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