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Louis Smolka verbally attacks Sergio Pettis after UFC Fight Night 96 fallout, Internet fights back

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

When it was announced earlier this week that Sergio Pettis suffered an injury and would not be able to compete at UFC Fight Night 96 on Oct. 1 in Portland, Oregon, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight division saw one of its most prized contenders hit the shelf. More importantly, Louis Smolka saw his golden ticket to title contention fly out the proverbial window.

Since Pettis' injury was considered just "minor," Smolka was obviously enraged. After all, the 25-year-old Hawaiian, who has secured a 5-1 divisional record since making his UFC debut in 2015, was already weeks into his training camp. Pettis will be replaced by TUF 24's Brandon Moreno, but Smolka is still upset about the change of plans, recently posting the following to his Instagram account.

As you could imagine, some of the wonderful people that make up the mixed martial arts (MMA) Internet community did not take too kindly to Smolka's words (h/t Either they're huge Sergio Pettis fans or degrading trashtalk is no longer allowed in a sport designed to inflict violence. Here are some of the responses that were dealt Smolka's way (via Reddit):

"Funny you talk about vaginas with all that pubic hair on your face."

"You're a beast Smolka, but good god, do UFC fighters have any insults that aren't, 'haha, you're a woman, you have a vagina?'"

"My 12 year old self thinks this is hilarious."

"Wow this kid's corny, cringe worthy even lol."

"What an insufferable, classless statement. Also, grow a real beard or shave."

"I see someone got you with the ol' gorilla mask!"

"It would have sounded funnier if he didn't have the voice of a f*cking 15-year-old. Paige VanZant has a deeper voice than this dude."

"I had never heard about you until right now. And now I don't like you. I don't think making this video was a good idea."

Ouch. Smolka gets absolutely slammed here. During a time when fighters like Conor McGregor are telling opponents to call him daddy, it seems as if "The Last Samurai" crossed the line with his vagina remarks and signed tampon box. Leave it up to the Internet to put someone in check.

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