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Pie-faced mayor, Kevin Johnson, whoops prankster's ass while Urijah Faber witnesses 'crazy' scene

Kevin Johnson, retired NBA star and Mayor of Sacramento, Calif., got a face full of cream earlier this week by way of flying pie.

I'm sure there's a Brazzers joke in here somewhere.

As you might expect, Mayor Pie Face was not amused by his half-wit attacker and promptly delivered a judicial beatdown. Probably not the kind of story you would expect to find on a mixed martial arts (MMA) blog, especially one as high-brow as, but there's more to the story.

There always is.

"What a crazy turn of events," eyewitness and UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber told TMZ. "A little bit of cream is not going to stop a blow to the head and Kevin reacted. You're talking about an alpha male right there, that guy is a pro athlete. I don't think it was a decision, I think it was a reaction."

At least he took things in stride.

His attacker, 32-year-old Sean Thompson, was treated for minor injuries. The pie was announced dead at the scene.

Thanks to Unambig for the tip.

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